Timelessness has a permanence that essentially disregards ‘change’. Timelessness is the stability piece that allows ‘change’ to change. Without the stability of ‘no-change’, ‘change’ would not be seen, as chaos would be the backdrop. ‘Change’ is in time and inherently not stable.

With appearances/disappearances as the movement of ‘change’, ‘change’ would be indistinct from ‘other’ changing forms without the background of ‘no change’. The formlessness of backdrop as a stable nothingness, allows ‘change’ to be seen and sorted.

There would be no up/down nor here/there, nor black/white, if a permanence of stability did not abide, ‘unchanged’. ‘Change’ needs ‘unchanged’ to differentiate itself. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Formlessness is never blatantly apparent as there is no form to present. However, the absence of a permanent emptiness of background would make any situation of forms abiding without a permanent structure, untenable, even unimaginable.

Hence ‘time’ would be a form, while ‘timelessness’ would be formless. However, ‘timelessness’ as ‘formless’ is still tenable even without any form. This speaks to a permanence that is not bound by any form and/or timeline. It just Is. This ‘You’ could have never have been different/separate/not Present.

Even with form, the ‘You’ is unchanged. Form cannot affect the formless stability. Formlessness is permanent while form has a built-in unstable petulant self.

This is to say, that what ‘form’ can do that ‘formlessness’ cannot do, is to change perspective. The background does not have a perspective (nor needs a perspective). The background is all perspectives. ‘Forms’ abiding in timelessness would need ‘time’ to change or upgrade their ‘stasis’ or lack of change, in status as a fixed form. It is through ‘time’ that ‘forms’ can evolve into formlessness.

Ultimately ‘forms’ Are ‘formless’, except ‘seemingly so’. The transmigration to ‘formlessness’ Is Formlessness operating ‘form’. ‘Form’ itself cannot initiate movement without the participation of Formlessness. Ultimately though, it never Is not Formlessness.

This is all to say that a ‘person’ is a form going formless through the direction of the Formlessness. ‘Time’ is used to change the perspective of form to formlessness. The ‘form’s’ essence was always Formlessness (except seemingly so). It was the ‘person’ or ‘form’ that was never really real.

The backdrop Is Formlessness parading as forms. All forms are the essential backdrop of Formlessness. The perspective of form is only a ‘seeming’ separation in the illusion of time. Time is used to change the view of separateness to the truth of unity consciousness of one Formlessness. There Is no ‘other’ to include the temporariness of time.

Time is ‘form’ used to seemingly transmute ‘form’ into formlessness. Ultimately though, ‘It’ Is never not Formlessness. We Are timelessness experiencing time. We Are Formlessness experiencing form through time, form and Formlessness.

The evolution of Self through self (form) is using all available means to Be the ‘Be’. Staying constantly in Self while utilizing the forms of self and time, allows Self to Be Self. That is, Self Is always exponentially present in form, knowingly. Using time is using change to Be. Know thyself fully as form and formlessness utilizing everything to Be Everything.


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