Awareness is not an experience. There is nothing in Awareness to experience. Awareness is transparent. There is no thing-ness to Awareness.

There is no experience in Awareness because it is ‘just experiencing’. To ‘have’ an experience, Awareness would have to stop ‘being’ Awareness and become some ‘thing’. Also, ‘having’, as in having an experience, would require a ‘haver’. Having a ‘haver’ would then be dualism upending Oneness.

Liberation is liberation from the tangle of separate self. Liberation is not a ‘becoming’ of something that wasn’t and now is. There is no liberator that liberates Awareness. Awareness is only Awareness ever eternally present and unchanged.

It is an un-doing of ‘doing’ of the separate self that could be seen as possibly a liberation. Awareness has never been imprisoned to need liberation. To suggest that Awareness ‘needs’ to ‘do’ something, is to misunderstand Awareness.

Awareness is the eternal stability of everything. ‘This’ does not change.

Thinking and/or feeling some ‘thing’, does not change Awareness. These are appearances in Awareness.

Looking ‘for’ what we Are is vastly different from looking ‘from’ what we Are. Searching is ‘for’ what we Are. Looking ‘from’ what we Are, is ‘being’ what we Are. The ‘looking’ is always the ‘looking’ experiencing experiencing. ‘Finding’ an experience is an investment in seemingly stopping experiencing. Contrarily, ‘experiencing’ can never stop ‘experiencing’ (except seemingly so).

Awareness is perenially ‘experiencing’ without stops to gawk. There is never any holding of any ‘thing’. ‘Things’ appear/disappear. The presence of empty Awareness never fades. Contrarily, the false self can never imagine itself as absent or empty. The illusion needs the illusion. Awareness is what is nothing, and that is a complete Everything.

Needing something to change in the future is a betrayal of the present. Believing in the future and waiting for some ‘thing’ to happen and is a rejection of Being Here Now. The mind desires to be free of something that does not exist i.e. illusion. Moreover, believing in illusion is a clear rejection of Being Awareness just Being.

Realizing the constant Presence of Awareness is facilitated by seeing ‘the Seeing’ as Us. Drowning in the stasis of ‘content’ is essentially the stopping of ‘experiencing’ for ‘experience’. The ‘stopping’, the ‘holding’, and the ‘believing’ in a static self, directly informs ‘Us’ of a dead end. What Is before the dead end is Awareness Being Awareness. Awareness has actually never really been stuck in stasis. Awareness Is only Awareness.

Seeing Awareness from Awareness means we do not see from a separate and false self. This ‘Seeing’ knows the difference from appearances appearing and the perennial presence of the movement of Being Being. The Beingness of Awareness holds and folds all appearances while never being touched by any thing. The freedom that is present now is the same freedom to always be free from the struggle of liberation. See from the Awareness and not from the illusory content. It Is You.

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