And why would that matter? Is the future happening now? If we constantly bank on the future do we more thoroughly neglect the Now? Does the future, as we imagine it, really come on line as we dreamed it would be?

This is not to say that planning/preparation for the future is abandoned. Managing the future is markedly different than moving the functionality of presence into the future.

‘Hoping’ is not planning/preparing the future. It is more emotion and cheer-leading than a substantive plan. Buying hope is buying time called ‘the future’. Future, when viewed from Now, is an unreality. Hope is a wish for something different. Wishing for plans to happen has an implicit bias for and by ‘self’.

This ‘self’ cannot see through the illusion of separation because it is not really there (except seemingly). Hope is the morphine for ‘self’ that cannot get past itself and it’s aggravations of instability. Even the imagined ‘self’ cannot find a permanence of self in ‘self’.

Using time (i.e. future) to awaken Self, is a direct contradiction to the nature of timeless Self. Hope is asking separation to continue. What is ‘free’ has always been ‘free’. Effort, to include hope, to be free of ‘self’, is a direct effort for the future of ‘better’ to continue the imprisonment of ‘self’ by ‘self’.

Reality is then taking Itself to be some ‘thing’ else. The insistence of ‘finding’ Self keeps Us from Seeing the ‘Seeing-ness’ of Self. There is no ‘object’ in the transparency of Self.

The ‘self’ often says that it cannot get it. This statement can be an understanding that proves that ‘self’ cannot get it. ‘Who’ we Are is clearly not in what demands to get out.

‘Time’ is in the movie. Time is abstracted out of the Eternal. ‘Hope’ is in time in the character in the movie. There is no need for a conceptual hope that is future-based in the timeless Eternal.

Life Is happening but not to the ‘me’. There is no separation into a ‘me’. The one that has ‘hope’ is the ‘me’ that is in the movie. That ‘me’ is as fictional as the idea of the movie. Life allows the appearance and disappearance of the me and the hope of a good movie.

Enjoy the show, Now. Life Is You effortlessly Being.

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