Reality just Is. ‘Separation’ outcomes will appear when we ‘believe’ we are ‘making’ and ‘doing’ all the decisions in life. Believing itself is not a hard fact-based reality. Beliefs often are tethered more on hope than the acceptance of ‘not knowing’.

‘Not knowing’ is a letting go of finding any current and relevant facts/ideas to solve the so-called problem of defining Reality. What is often revealed is that the reality we reference, is a mis-definition of Reality. Facts/ideas are often a limitation to Reality given timeless infinity. ‘Not knowing’ is an admission to the limitation of facts and data points.

Reality from the view of a fictional self, is a conclusion also not supported by a broader definition of the universe, both seen and unseen. When the facts available do not support our definition of self, we meander to ‘beliefs’. Beliefs and unsupported facts do not give us Reality. Mapping Self is supported by letting go of limited definitions and pre-suppositions about our true nature.

Starting from the emptiness of ‘nothing’ and the allowance of ‘not knowing’, we render an openness that truly is based on a pure and immediate ‘Isness’ being present. Less is more Here. The bottomless knowledge of Self opens to Itself. At this juncture there is no ‘other’ appearance to distract from the Isness of Self. At this juncture, even the ‘starting’ never really started or stopped.

Separation from Self is itself only an appearance in time and place. Choiceless Reality never stops or starts. It just Is. ‘Choice’ would mean ‘we’ would have power over ‘Choicelessness’ Itself. Ultimately ‘everything’ Is Choicelessness, as what else could It Be?

Often, who we ‘think’ we are is defined only by ‘thinking’. ‘Thinking’ alone, is tantamount to using a limited platform to divine the unlimited. To define Self soley through ‘thinking’, is analogous to trying to give a very limited and shallow performance a higher pay grade. And that is clearly not warranted. This results in only more separation from Self.

Life is happening but not to ‘me’. Adding a ‘me’ is an attempt to upend Choiceless Reality. The un-reality of the ‘me’ can never make this happen. The ‘me’ wants the ‘experience’ when there is only the ‘experiencing’. Having life and/or having an experience, is a stop. Life/experiencing, by It’s nature, has no stops.

This Is Choiceless Reality Being Choiceless Reality. Ignorance is finite. Appearances in Awareness cannot tell Us about Awareness. The ‘me’ is a finite appearance seemingly having a separate life appearing to it. On the other hand, Life is Us appearing to Us with no stops for a fictional ‘me’. There is no ‘doer’ nor hope for a ‘doer’. This Is Choiceless. This Is effortless. This Is Us.

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