What demands to get ‘out’ was never really ‘in’. In order to get out of the suffering, we petition the suffer-er. But where is the suffer-er? Is the suffer-er an idea more than a hard reality?

Asking the suffer-er, aka ‘a concept’, doesn’t seem like a good idea. Nonetheless, we carry on carrying the concept as if it was a golden calf. The ‘suffer-er’ has bulked up on the faux nutrition of ‘me’ for decades. And it will not stop. To stop would be to upend major societal conclusions about ‘self’. That would be treasonous and unreasonable, yes?! So don’t ask the ‘me’ about the veracity of the ‘me’!

Yes and no. Yes, the appearance of ‘me’ does not sound more radical than the actual implementation of no ‘me’. Society pushes the pushing of the ‘me’, seemingly to make a successful life for self/others. This is, on the face of it, is a laudable goal except it is a downgrade to limitation and suffering versus the vastness of no limitations and no true suffering. What always suffers is the faux ‘me’.

There is no truth called the ‘me’. The constant calling of the ‘me’ reinforces falsehood for lifetimes. The ‘me’ is a standard issue idea that demands ‘to get’ that ineffable ‘something’ that is nothing.

The starting point of ‘me’ is an attempt to escape from a non-existing thing, the ‘suffering me’. Good luck on all that. There is a body ‘Here’ but no person to fall away. There never was. Making ‘me’ fall away is just another incarnation of ‘me’. Separateness cannot make the world a better place. True nature is object-less and ‘One’.

There is ‘nothing to get’ Here. Noone is ‘doing’ the character. Dismissing ‘me’ cannot be achieved because there is no ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ to be conscious. There Is just Consciousness. The ‘me’ is a temporary appearance with a ‘seeming’ reality and yet not separate from an unchanging Consciousness. (It is the movie on the screen metaphor.)

Nothingness is transparent, object-less, not a noun and more verb. The ‘me’, as an illusory charachter, cannot stand with Nothingness. Nothingness is timeless and unbound. While the ‘me’ is in time and illusion.

To get ‘Nothing’ it appears that one must escape from a non-existing concept i.e. the ‘me’. In order to escape there must be time to do it. Timelessness leaves no time to escape. This idea of escape is illusion chasing illusion. There is no suffer-er.

There is Nothing to get because there Is nothing to get. Be the Nothingness stopping for nothing -just Being Being. There Is no more Fullness.

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