‘What Is’, is that ‘this’ Is unprovoked Love. Love Is always loving. ‘That’ Is always happening.

There is never a change in the quantity/ quality/resonance of Love. This is the stability of the universe seen/unseen. Without this harmony and effortless coherence, the universe, from atoms and quarcks to gross manifestations of the physical cosmos, would be disabled because of the fundamentality and essentiality of this unconditional Love. This Is the essence of everything.

Know ‘this’ in the depths of heart. Everything Is Love. Love Living Love unprovoked and unconditional.

Conditional love is an energetic contraction, that is, an activity of the so-called ego. The ego is an ongoing activity based in fear, causing a contraction/resistance called self. Additionally in the activity of seeking, there results a direct movement away from our existential presence. The false ego self that is seemingly created, subsists soley of repetitive movements towards supporting the conditionality of a manufactured illusion.

The energetic contraction/movement called the ego, is, uncanningly, what wants the contraction to end. The imposition of this limitation of consciousness is the virtual prison cell we cannot get out of. An imaginary place binding us, is imaginary. And there is no salvation ever, for an imaginary self.

There is no see-er nor a ‘seen’, just see-ing
(Being). The ‘thingness’ of being a thing is not tenable for the transparency of the transcendental i.e. Us. There is no looking for what we Are. We Are what is looking, what is seeing, and/or what is being. There are no stops for any ‘thing’, ever.

The activity of losing the idea of self (fear) and the activity of seeking past what we ‘Are’, these activites are the manifestation of the unfound ego. It is ‘unfound’ because it is an activity. There is nothing ‘to do’ because It (Self) Is.

Unprovoked Love is unconditional, period. It’s presence Is timeless. There is no seeking necessary nor is there a wait time for it to come or go (as in fear). The attempt ‘to do’ Love is to lose (seemingly)
Love effortlessly. This Is Our true nature.

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