There is no you or me. Just Isness. You and me were never anything but ideas. We can only stand as the Oneness. There is no ‘doing’ it. There is no limitation called ‘you and me’ in the unlimited. Feel ‘It’.

Thought cannot get to where You already Are. Before thought, before doing, after nothing, there Is only Nothingness. ‘You’ Are the backdrop to every thing. Everything Is ‘Your’ reflection. ‘Your’ reflection is feedback personified. That is, the reflected energy changes relative to what ‘We’ put out in the personification of pure energy.

There are no blind spots of ‘me’ in ‘no view’. All views Are ‘Your’ view. Any view has built-in blind spots. Perseverating on ‘no view’ is seeing all views. Having a view is tantamount to ‘someone’ there to ‘have a view. ‘That’ someone does not exist (except someone being a character in a movie). There is noone there to have the ‘right’ view or the ‘wrong’ view. There is noone there to get centered and/or to get it right.

What Is implicit ‘Is’. Implicitness does not have to assert what is abundantly apparent. It Is the most obvious of obvious-ness when we put down the mantle of ‘me’ as being the centrality of Life. A fictional being called ‘me’ is only supplanted and supported by a constant feeding of a bottomless created fictional seeming need. That is pure delusion. There is no ‘real’ need of something so fake as this delusionary concept (called ‘me’). The ‘me’ is a very limited concept looking for a non-concept. The deadend becomes ever so clear.

Falling out of the seat of ‘me’, is essentially giving up on the ‘me’. There is no place to ‘sit’, as there is noone there that needs to sit. ‘Not sitting’ meaning that there are no more ‘stops’ necessary for Being to Be Being. There never were any stops to Being. When we seemingly ‘stopped’ Being we routinely defaulted into the manufactured ‘me’. Now, there is no need to sit as the ‘me’. Now Life moves through everything, as Everything stops for nothing.

The Now Is Now timelessly Present. Future is illusion begetting illusion; e.g. hoping is despairing. Past is entertaining the dead, i.e. trying to retrieve the irretrievable. Every moment we recreate ourselves. There is no secret to just Being ‘You’ Now. Nothing added ever (especially the weight referred to as the ‘me’) always leaves Nothingness.

‘Implicit’ implies, so subtly, our True Nature. There is absolutely nothing required of ‘Us’ to Be ‘Us’. If in doubt, drop everything and the backdrop of Nothingness catches the Nothingness that Is You. There Is nothing that can be added to ‘That’.

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