There is nothing in the physicality of Here to be dependent upon -least of all, thoughts. Thoughts are not arbiters of reality.

Thoughts argue for a way, a method, a means to some goal. There is no goal in Being existence. We Are the Reality we seemingly are looking for. Looking from the seeming physical structure of reality is the obstruction. We Are ‘the Looking’ Itself which has no structure. Any structure cannot be ‘the Looking’.

Due to It’s openness, No-thing-ness is freedom from all structures both physical and mental. No-thing-ness gives consciousness to the body. Meaning the body is in consciousness and not the other way around. Matter appears to be a hard state but scientifically matter is energy. Energy only seemingly becomes matter. Physicality is essentially a more dense representation of energy. No-thing-ness is more akin to formlessness than form.

Thoughts are not stable existing entities. They cannot define existence as they are representations of Reality and do not exist in and of themselves. They appear, they point, and they always disappear. 

Just Being the receiving of thoughts, feelings, situations, changes, beliefs, and other ‘things’ Is the Fullness, which is always precluding not-enough-ness. Just Being the receiving is everything, even with no dog in the race. This total detachment is essentially attachment, but to everything. 

Thoughts cannot change our journey as We Are always going from Here to Here timelessly regardless of anyone presumably keeping time. What can change in the Change-less?

Thoughts seemingly have an inner reality and other things seemingly have an outer reality. Are these realities really separate? Or are they the One reality? Reality that exists does not separate into 2 different realms except seemingly. There Is only one reality to include thoughts, ideas, and other external constructs. Awareness Is Awareness regardless of seemingly separate realities, i.e. inside the head versus outside the head.

Thoughts do not define reality. Thoughts are not what is happening Now. Thoughts do not ‘Know’. Thoughts do monday-morning quarterbacking about ‘what happened’. Thoughts are appearances/disappearances in the binding of time.

Only the Knowing Is Knowing. And the Knowing is timelessly Present and always happening. Thoughts always come after the Knowing, to make a conclusion about the ‘known’. The Knowing never stops Knowing and never stops.

The ‘me’ is a thought and ‘It’ is not about the ‘me’ Knowing. That would be equivalent to another thought ‘Knowing’. Thoughts cannot ‘Know’ the ‘Knowing’. Only the Knowing can Know the Knowing. Perennial existence Knows Itself. Thoughts are seriously fleeting entities. It never is the ‘me’ Knowing. It Is Life Knowing Life as Life.

Life is not defined by thoughts. No definitions can define Us. Life Is Us. And that is the open unbound field of nothingness receiving everything always as Itself. There is no binding to anything Here, to include any thoughts that will invariably pass. Be free as emptiness experiencing only Emptiness.

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