Nothing has more value than anything else unless we assert that it does. The addition to this essential neutrality, is the evoking of ‘a position’ apart from neutrality, ‘that’ is clearly an addition to neutrality. That addition is the weight we give it, in intensity and importance, based on our assessments pro and con. We put a great deal of value on whether or not the subject of our scrutiny is ultimately ‘good’ and/or ‘bad’.

The apparent fact that the debated ‘point’ of good/bad was once at the starting point of neutrality, is seemingly lost almost immediately. The debate begins, or more accurately resumes, as to whether said subject has some complexity of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Discussion continues, often not even acknowledging, that the basic starting point was always of neutrality.

Polarization of position begins to condemn neutrality as unacceptable, despite neutrality not having a position. The polarization of right and wrong decapitate the true nature of ‘no position’ of anything/everything as purely neutral and non-binding, to a stratified position of good versus bad.

‘No position’ does not have a preference or a side. ‘It’ is free. When we bind ourselves to an issue, we tend to lose sight of neutrality and go ‘birth to death’ on it. Our freedom to not see the big picture is compromised and alienated, so much so that conflict arises.

When all positions and non-positions are given equal status, nothing/noone is left behind. The vibration of real equality is engendered rather than the evoking of separation and ‘less than’ assessments.

Everyone is welcome when everyone is welcomed. When we manifest neutrality we manifest openness. Truth is alive in the openness not in a lockdown. A choice is always a choice unless it isn’t.

This movie called our life, could not be made without the drama, the pathos, and conflict, all of which are the full palette of neutral and shades of black, white and grey. The director (Us) looks at the tools and options equally and uses them accordingly. There will always be a need for originality and meaning. Ergo, nothing is disposed of, least of all neutrality. Neutrality gives a clear rendering of ‘What Is’.

All is welcomed. No one is left behind. Be free. It Is Our nature.

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