No one’ means that the ‘one’ that is looking for something ‘to be more of’ cannot be present because ‘no one’ has ever existed nor will ever get true ‘existence’. ‘No one’ is an add-on concept that appears without a true existence, while ‘Being’ Is already eternally present and always existing as a non-thing.

In order for the conceptual self to ‘get it’, it goes and travels in the imagined distortion called ‘future’. The ‘future’, then becomes a manufactured place in ‘time’ that does not have a core existence. Finding Self in the future is always a dead end.

The ‘one’ that wants to be liberated does not exist. Existence Itself does not need the false gods of ‘need’. Awareness is always Present. A glimpse or flash more accurately represents the absence in our circuitry of the continuity of Presence. It is not that Presence shows up for a glimpsing second. Presence has eternal stability not instability.

The instability of ‘self’ represents the stickiness of a belief system that supports the nonsense of deferring to ideas to represent eternal Reality. To let go of ideas as the arbiter of Reality, may soften their impact and allow a ‘glimpse’ to sneak in and challenge this temporary false reality.

Belief systems are hard-wired into neurological circuits in the brain. Thinking and feeling are subsequent to believing, as are feelings. The beliefs we ‘own’ own us until they don’t. When we change our beliefs, we change our circuitry prompting thoughts and feelings registered to a belief, to drop/arise.

The most consequential of beliefs are beliefs that support the separate self. ‘That’ reality is a non-reality in the sense that ‘it’ is a temporary support system for an illusion. Our hard and permanent reality does not flinch, ever. ‘It’ Is effortlessly abiding as Itself without thoughts, feelings, and/ideas. Consequently, there are no beliefs or circuits necessary to hold and/or structure eternal Presence.

No one, meaning there is ‘no thing’ Present to glimpse anything at any time. The Presence of Presence is always in timelessness. Ergo, most beliefs most often are misdirections in finding Self. There is no real separation of Self except seemingly in the established circuitry of limitation we established through belief and repetition.

Believing some’one’ is there to ‘get it’ is the beginning of separation from real Self. Challenge all beliefs.

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