We create reality. We create reality not from the character in the real movie but from the ‘All that Is’, and ‘that’ Is Us.

The movie is a creation. It Is ‘Our’ movie. This ‘Our’ is not plural, as It Is ‘All that Is’ aka ‘The Oneness’. The ‘movie’ does not create the movie. The director/producer of the movie is ‘Us’ creating the movie. In other words, we create our our own reality.

Timelessness is not created. It Is. Time, on the other hand, is created. We create time every day. First, we are in the unchanging timelessness. From the permanence of timelessness, we create the ‘reality’ of time. Timelessness still remains when ‘time’ appears but in the seeming backdrop.

Timelessness does not age. Time on the other hand, is bound and ages us especially so, if we are bound by time. When we lose track of time, for example, we do not really entertain the binding aspect of time, and fall back to the unchanging permanent timelessness of Now. The default position of not being fully in time is what? Timelessness of course.

The advantages to time is that the change that invariably occurs, prompts us to examine any possible polarizing views. When we change our monocentric view, we can open our perception of Self to a wider more vast openness that can liberate monotheistic perspectives.

This advantage of the contraction called ‘time’, thus liberates us from the proverbial ‘stuck’ position of being a prisoner in a movie. We begin to see the movie as a movie and then realize we really are the producer/director of the movie. The ‘movie’ comes out of the permanence of timelessness. Our realization of timelessness is realization of Our true nature.

The movie allows pathos/suffering to be present for the sake of the movie and not for the suffering of the actors. Timeless Beingness is who we Are. There is no suffering or drama Here.

We create physical reality and are physical reality. The personal construct or body, is in the ultimate default position of timelessness, always. Soul is not in the body. The body is in soul.

Living in the only Moment that ‘Is’, is living agelessly in the Now. The ‘now’ does not look for the ‘next’. There is no ‘next’ in the Now as it is all Now. Timelessness does not have a past nor future. Everything, to especially include time, Is Now.

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