‘This’ Is It. To go ‘out there’ is to deny the reality that we have created. We Are the reality we see, feel, hear, taste, and touch. All of ‘It’ is experiencing experiencing.

There is no ‘other’ place or person to cohabitate the space, that is only and truly a metaphoric space. We all Are, always. This ’emptiness’ just Is as It Is and not even the idea of ‘space’ can capture It.

The ‘experiencing’ is just experiencing what ‘experiencing’ has written down in the location-less place and the timeless Now of just ‘experiencing’. ‘We’ create the reality that is reflected back to Us.

To reject this Reality is to misperceive Reality as being separate and impositional on Us. There is no imposing anything on Nothingness (Our true nature). We cannot reject what we have had a direct hand in creating. ‘That’ would be missing the whole enchilada of whom We really Are. We could then continue to have ‘our way’ of ‘thinking’ how it ‘should be‘. Then conclusively and sadly, we would default back to a certain seemingly comfortable picture of what the false self ‘thinks’ it wanted.

‘That’ belief and definition of reality may be seemingly evoking a comfortableness, but really, that is a clear limitation on the ineffable greatness we all Are always ad infinitum. Lose the belief that limits the unlimited.

Misdefinition of Self is often characterized by an insistence of a ‘clear’ definition. Cognitive clarity, in this case, is missing everything in order to have a ‘something’, when all the while, there Is Nothingness. Emptiness cannot be defined by something.

When We create ‘something’, we create for the immediacy of Now (not later). ‘This’ Is not to be held on to by a fictional person. ‘Holding’ what is created, is missing experiencing experiencing for ‘an experience’ that is stopped and over. Experiencing never stops experiencing. Pulling over for an experience is not within the movement of experiencing.

Who We Are is not an interpretive event. Everything Is neutral until we say It isn’t. Reality Is reality with no real need for interpretation (by a ‘me’). We can create an imagined reality but ‘that’ is an imagined reality. Reality Is before imagination and/or additions.

The false self that attains a definitional reality attains an imaginary place/status. The problem then becomes the attempt to leave the imaginary place that really does not provide the succour and relief we thought it would. Cognitive interpretative reality is a misdirection of resources.

There Is no place to go as ‘places’ come and go. There Is nothing to ‘do’ as ‘doing’ never stops ‘doing’. Being Is the only real ‘doing’ as there are no stops or finishes in timeless eternal Beingness. Nothing Is before or after ‘All That Is’.

We Are the reality We Are in. What is reflected to Us Is Us. The reality that is reflected to Us is directly from Us. Love ‘That’.

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