What ‘sees’ reality Is Reality. What breathes reality is the ecstatic explosion of reality Being Reality. Even before the observation of reality, Reality just Is causeless ceaselessness. Reality does not even need a witness to assert It’s Isness. It just Is.

A witness would suggest that ‘Existence’ would be based on some ‘other’ to validate It’s own existence. When there is only one value in the multiverse of universes then there cannot be an ‘other’. The number and/or quality of particular universes have no bearing on the Oneness of the multiplicity of infinite Beingness.

There is simply, as simply could be, only one type of energy pervading the synchronicity of Being everything. In It’s purest unadulterated formless form, the Energy seemingly transmutes Itself into the multiplicity of people, places, space and time. This Source is never adulterated nor breached despite belief systems that may ‘believe’ otherwise. This ‘Source’ is the perfection behind the seeming imperfection.

The ‘control’ is in the perfection and not in the imperfection. The ‘control’ is more akin to an indigenous and balanced harmony rather than some idea of things being ‘forced’. This harmony is the backdrop to everything that is truly ‘nothingness’. Seeing the perfection while being engaged in the ‘imperfection’ allows the knowing of the Knowing. Contrarily, blindly pursuing the ‘imperfection’ creates an artificial separation and fear from an implicit perfection.

Hence, the one-type of true energy, that is funneled through definitions of fear and separation, will allow the loathing of self in Self. Again, the energy is neutral until it isn’t. Energy fueled through false beliefs and specious ideas, is taking the neutral and dumbing it down to fear and suffering, unnecessarily.

This misunderstanding is unfortunately a core idea central to the misappropriation of a ‘perfect’ energy. If perfection Itself did not exist, then nothing could exist. The resonations of lower frequencies are allowed to occur when the demand is made by the false self, for ‘how it happens’ and ‘when it happens’. The ‘control’, as stated earlier, is effortless and Is Us, ultimately. To suggest that some manufactured idea of self that is in charge, is to miss the forest for the trees.

There is no reality except Our observation of It. The belief systems that undermine this Oneness, are a form of self-hypnosis. The ‘control’ is not in some ‘idea’ of self. Rather ‘control’ Is implicit in perfection of harmonic balance.

Perfection Is ceaseless/timeless existence with no cause or agenda. Beingness is more than enough. It Is everything. Reality rocks on.

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