When we are trapped in a ‘somebody-ness’, we may begin to realize that we are trapped in a prison of our making. We have difficulty in leaving this ‘somebody’. We have grown so accustom to constantly responding and placating our ‘somebody’, in nearly every moment in every day, we actually forget whom we really Are.

What a waste and limitation of vast resources that are available right Now, for what? A restriction that lierally chokes the life out of ‘Us’?!

The problem comes in when ‘experiencing’ is veiled by ‘experience’. ‘Somebody’ needs to become a ‘somebody’ in order to be a ‘somebody’. The problem of being ‘somebody’ is that ‘somebody’ is an unnecessary ‘seeming’ entity, that absolutely limits Our vastness of just Being. ‘Somebody’ is just an ‘experience’, and a fleeting one at that. ‘It’ never really stays. Experiencing is summarily replaced by a staid experience.

Losing ‘somebody’ is gaining clarity that was present but obscured. When we ‘stop’ and add a fleeting ‘experience’ to our fake resume, we flash on more of ‘somebody’. The investment in ‘somebody’ is so substantial that usually there is no turning back to ‘nothing’ i.e. Nothingness. Then, to ‘lose’ ‘some body’ becomes very personal and devastating.

The question then evolves to , “Can we do something else other than lose this self?” This then is the virtual prison of self-limitation we run right into. Bam!

The only ‘real’ solution is ‘nothing’. Is ‘that’ too much?! Yes it is, if ‘it’ is answered by ‘somebodyness’. But ‘nothing’ is then falsely argued for ‘something’. This is where the horse-trading begins. The problem is that there is no horse to trade!

‘It’ begins with ‘nothing’ and ends with ‘nothing’. Plus there is no time in which all ‘that’ happens. Can ‘It’ be any simpler!?

Separateness’ is trapped in ‘somebodyness’ and neither is a true reality. What a conundrum. What to ‘do’? Nothing.

That is the other problem that really is not a problem. There is no ‘doing’ this. ‘Doing’ is an ‘overdoing’ relative to ‘nothing’, which is the only real path. But then ‘nothing’ is not even a path because ‘nothing’ needs to be ‘done’. It Is all Nothingness.

There is nothing to react ‘to’ when there is nothing. Nothing matters when ‘It’ is seen from Nothingness. Contrarily, when Nothingness is seen from ‘somebodyness’ then old belief systems/programming compel an argument. There is no longer an argument when the belief and definition of Self is Seen clearly.

Clarity is ‘not’ doing anything for ‘self’. The clarity of not believing in believing in a conceptual self, releases a space for Nothingness. This allows Nothingness to live through this metaphor of space instead of ‘space junk’ that a ‘somebodyness’ compels.

When ‘nothing’ matters, it matters. Planting and constantly replanting ‘somebody-ness’ is unnecessary work. There is no ‘work’ in Being Beingness because It Is pure Nothingness. There is no easier path. Be ‘That’ and be free. Losing ‘everything’ gains a constant experiencing of ‘Nothingness’. There Is no ‘more’. And there is no ‘less’. It Is all ‘Nothingness’. ‘Nothing’ matters.

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