A ‘somebody’, struggling to stop the mind, does not exist independent of Existence. Contrarily and in contrast, ‘Existence’ Is perenially existing, never stopping the Beingness of continual existing. What does not exist Now cannot then begin to independently exist later. Existence is always existing with no start or stop. Creating a ‘somebody’ to exist is creating a relativity to existence.

Creating a ‘somebody’ aka a character, does not transfer any permanence of perennial existing to the created character. The same status is applicable to the so-called ‘mind’. So a ‘somebody’ or a ‘person’ struggling to control the ‘mind’ is tantamount to a ‘no existing thing’ (person) trying to control a ‘no existing thing’ (mind) in Existence. Existence is the only element really existing.

What exists has always existed and will exist without end. There is no termination date for ‘Existence’. Existence just Is.

The distinction here is between ‘what always Is and always was (and will be) to ‘what is fleetingly passing through as temporary phenomena’. It all occurs in Existence. Everything is invited into wholeness as ultimately everything Is wholeness. The seeming ‘separation’ out of ‘wholeness’ into ideas of ‘person’ and/or ‘mind’, is the Reality playing the ‘unreality’.

What Is observing reality ‘Is’ the Reality. We Are the reality we once ‘thought’ we were existing in. There is no ‘in’ nor is there an ‘out’. It Is just Reality existing as Reality. An adding of ‘more’ to Reality does not make ‘more’ Reality. Reality Is complete as Reality. Reality Is. No adding/subtracting is possible to ‘this’ Fullness. Existence Is ‘this’ Reality.

Gaining/losing ‘somebody’ and/or ‘mind’, is not relevant to ‘something’ that takes no additions/substractions. ‘Just Is’ Is ‘Just Is’.

There is no choice Here. It Is just ‘What It Is’. The Reality Is Seeing Itself as Itself. If there is any ‘choice’ it Is a ‘no choice’. ‘What It Is’ can only Be ‘What It Is’.

Be the wholeness You Are because ‘That’ Is what You Are Now (always). There is no ‘doing’ in Being timeless Being. Just Being effortlessly the Reality of all realities is enough. ‘This’ Existence bypasses all other ‘seeming’ existing/non-existing. There is no actual landing into anything else but wholeness. See ‘It’ from wholeness.

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