The idea that truth is an idea, is just another idea. Using an idea to get another idea is going in circles with ideas and always ending up in just another idea.

To go past ideas cannot be to stay in ideas. To stay in ideas is to stay in the ephemeral change. To stay in the ephemeral change is to choose a temporary and changing vehicle that does not exhibit any stability.

Ideas change and evolve and yet they are not the source that generates them. Only an unchanging source can provide the ability to divine the changing from the unchanging.

Spiritual truth is not an idea nor a belief. Ideas, beliefs, and definitions are fluid and not eternal. Spiritual Truth Is who we Are and certainly not the stopped and clocked ‘experience’ we might of had. ‘Experiencing’ has no stops. Experiencing or Knowing never stops ‘experiencing’ i.e. Knowing Knowing.

Could there be an ‘experience’ without the Knowing of the experience? Experiencing/Knowing Is eternally on without a stop. If there was an actual stop then the eternal would not be eternal. The illusion of a stop is an illusion. Stopping for an illusory ‘person’ is also an illusion. There are no stops nor separate ones Here/Now. Moreover, the Experiencing/Knowing is underscored by not stopping nor starting, ever.

There Is a certainty to ‘never changing’ and ‘never disappearing’ that can be directly experienced even by the ‘person’ believing Self to be a ‘person’. Experiencing the ‘Experiencing’ is eternally stable/Present and accessible directly. The ‘person’ or the ‘character’ is not the ‘one’ to make that determination. That one, that is ‘Knowing’ is the ‘Experiencing’. Verification by an illusion would be investing in more illusion. Experiencing Experiencing creates space to more clearly see the illusion of person and the stop of holding of ‘experience’ by the person. The contrast of movement versus ‘the holding’ is stark.

The illusory character is then seen as illusory. The illusory character is stark because of the unending epic struggle to be whole. This perennial deficit is never present in experiencing Experiencing. Effortlessness of Being requires adding absolutely nothing, at any time, to the happiness that Is the Isness.

The Truth is just Us -the Oneness that Is all there Is. There is no more and there is no less. ‘That’ Is Everything Being everything. No stops ever. No ideas/beliefs to get stuck on. Be Life. Be Truth, Being constantly. All there is to a thought Is the Knowing/Experiencing.

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