The thought of ‘no thought’ is a thought according to ‘thought‘. Does ‘thought’ have all the answers?! Apparently so if ‘thought’ has anything to say about it. And that would be a big lie.

We are playing in a self-imposed limitation if ‘we’ limit ourselves to the field of ‘thought’. How do we know this? The absoluteness of ‘Existence’ Itself tells us this, by the mere presence of ‘Existing’ existing with or without thoughts/thinking happening or not happening. Without an absolute ‘Existing’ thoughts do not even have a field to think/abide in.

Existence precedes thought/thinking. Existence does not need thoughts to exist. It Is prior. It’s priorness is absolute. Existence is forever while thoughts and thinking are passing clouds that may or not be present (temporarily).

Consequently, thinking thoughts or not thinking thoughts, has no effect on the absoluteness of Existence (Being). Thoughts do not have a permanent base of existing independent of Existence Itself.

The Beingness of Existence has no dependence nor consequence from any thought or amount of thinking placed on It. Thoughts and thinking have an unearned status as equal to or better than Existence Itself. Thoughts and thinking have in effect seemingly subjugated what is prior, to a lesser status.

This seeming subjugation of Beingness has dumbed down our existence to a lower quality of living. The struggle now supplants the effortlessness that is natural only to pure Existence. Decision-making, in this ‘thinking’ modality, has a totalitarian flavor that tries to ‘control’ everything to support a false self that only has its spurious fictional existence to be concerned about.

Emptiness has nothing and ‘that’ is everything. ‘Control’ would be awkward Here as the Oneness is complete as It Is. The integration Here is perfection personified by the purity of Nothingness. Adding some such ‘control’ would be imperfection chasing perfection. Nothing can be added nor subtracted Here/Now.

We cannot ‘think’ our way out of the sticky idea that we need to get out of where we are really not ‘in’. Using ‘thoughts/thinking’ to get out of ‘thoughts/thinking’ will always keep us ‘in thinking’.

The obstruction of ‘dependence on thought’ is NOT believed to be an obstruction (by thoughts). Ergo, given these conditions, can thought get Us out of thought?!

Believing in thought and believing in believing, keeps us believing the superficiality of just believing. Is ‘believing’ enough to get us out of thinking and dependence on thought alone?

‘Our’ belief then begets a believer which supplants just Being Existence. Existence has no need for believers. There is no adding/subtracting beliefs, believers and ideas to Stillness. Stillness/Emptiness Is absolute (unchanging).

There is a felt-sense of just Being Being. Know ‘That’ from the ‘Knowing’ and not from thought. Believing is thought-based. This is as simple as simple can Be. There is never anything that can be added to the perfection that always Is. Emptiness/Stillness is not bound by any thought, idea, addition, or subtraction. ‘It’ just ‘Is’. Be free in this ‘Knowing’.

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