Can ‘Knowing’ ever moderate? In other words, can the ‘Knowing’ ever change? There are four absolutes in this reality: 1) the Knowing( All that Is); 2) Being existence (the I Am); 3) output is input; and 4) everything changes except the first 3 absolutes.

The ‘Knowing’, the first absolute, never moderates as it serves as the ultimate stability for malleability or ‘seeming change’.

The three other absolutes are essentially still the ‘Knowing’ as all that Is Is all that Is. The 2nd absolute is the ‘I Am’ existence of being the ‘Knowing’. The only thing ‘I Am’ can be is the ‘Knowing’ of ‘Knowing’.

The 3rd absolute is ‘output is input and input Is output’. Whatever we put out we get right back. This is the circle of energy Being energy. Where else can ‘energy’ go when there is nowhere but Here?

Everything changes but the first 3 absolutes. This is the 4th absolute, i.e. the dream. This is the ‘real’ movie that occurs in a seeming time and place. The illusion of ‘change’ is an absolute illusion. The time and place are ‘seemingly’ present in timelessness. Change is the veil of the ‘Knowing’ seemingly not Knowing. Every ‘thing’ changes.

These are all distinctions appearing in the ‘Knowing’. The Awareness of ‘Knowing’ and what appears ‘in’ the ‘Knowing’ is ultimately the ‘Knowing’. Change therefore is ‘seemingly’ present.

It Is all absolute ‘Knowing’. The only answer to ‘I don’t know’ is The Knowing of It. To define it further is to misdefine it. It is not to be defined as ‘It’ cannot be defined.

Staying in the ‘I don’t know’, is accepting the finality of ‘not knowing’. The ‘Knowing’ is already complete. Nothing, only nothing can be added to It.

Being the Nothingness is the emptiness, the silence of Knowing ‘not knowing’. ‘Not knowing’ is freedom from the controller trying to control the illusion of the movie/illusion. There is no controller. There is no knower. It Is only the ‘Knowing’ knowing Itself.

Knowing the ‘Knowing’ is Being the ‘Knowing’ and nothing else. What else is there? “I don’t know. I only know changeless change.” That is enough. Know ‘this’ Knowing.

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