When there is ‘no time’ no one asks what time it is. When there is no ‘person’ in charge, no one is there to ask about anything to include time.

Time indulgence, i.e. pushing past and/or seeking a future for a ‘person’, is engaging in delusion. Dropping the idea of transactional ‘time’ is engaging ‘what’ Is Here. Forbearance/perseverance of time is forbearance/perseverance of imposters posing as ‘somebody’.

Creating a ‘somebody’ out of nothing is much ado about nothing. ‘Nothing’ is ok until we make more out of it than clarity can support. When we distort Presence with ‘time-binding’, we practice cancelling a large swath of Reality (seemingly). Missing the forest for the trees is imaginary content overriding the Formlessness of Nothingness.

Nothingness Is unperturbed but the ‘me’ is improperly enhanced to a ‘real’ status, undermining Our implicit Absoluteness. The birthless/deathless Oneness goes on unperturbed with this seeming separateness of ‘me’. The ‘me’ is a mere illusion that can be clearly seen from only the ‘Seeing’ (no ‘see-er’).

Oneness Is always ‘Seeing’. The ‘me’ is the one with the stuckness of preferences. Everything Is One and everything Is neutral until ‘we’ say it isn’t. Preferences are NOT indigenous to Oneness as there Is only one ‘All That Is’. Oneness does not need to hold and secure any thing as ‘it’ Is all Oneness all the time.

The neediness of ‘having’ serious preferences occurs only in the ‘play’ of Awareness/Consciousness. The ‘play’ is the imperfection of having imperfection. What Is ‘playing’ the imperfection Is the Perfection. What never leaves and can never leave, Is the perfection.

The imperfection is clearly the idea of a ‘person’ separate from ‘All That Is’ in time. The ‘person’ is the imaginary preference ‘having’ preferences. How neat and tidy. ‘All That Is’ knowingly Knows this false premise but allows the imperfection/seeming separation to hide in plain sight. To take the idea of a ‘person’ seriously, is to miss the obviousness of Nothingness Being timeless.

It cannot be any clearer. When the ‘person’ stops trying to be Present, the blockage of ‘trying’ from an illusion, defaults to ‘All That Is’. It Is as simple as simple could be. To make it any harder is to only make it harder. Losing ‘trying’ is losing ‘time’.

There Is nothing to do and/or align. Everything Is already the ‘Self’ without any ‘trying’ from the alleged ‘person’. Be ‘That’ Now. It Is You un-wanting. ‘You’ already Are ‘It’. There Is no ‘time’ to ‘do’ it.


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