Emptiness fills Us as ‘Us’. That Is Emptiness. We are timelessly filled with Emptiness without time and without some ‘one’ to have ‘It’.

This is enough. More? Do we ‘think’ we need more?! Having ‘Nothing’ is perhaps lacking ‘something’!? Is this question then really a ‘belief’ that subsequently reveals a ‘self’ that is naturalized through the domestication of thought -yes?! Yes.

‘That’ would be an explicit addition to Emptiness/Nothingness. Can we add a ‘something’ to an explicit ‘nothing’ and then still maintain an emptiness? The question does not, in this case, need an answer due to its obvious conflict and obvious answer.

Adding content, to include the ‘me’, is not adding more ‘Nothingness’. Nothing needs to be added. Nevertheless, we feel we are compelled to ‘do’ something because of the threat of doing ‘nothing’ seemingly keeps us in an uncomfortable stasis.

The ‘doing’ by a virtual ‘doer’ is the ‘adding’ to the construction of more content, when no additional content is needed for Emptiness to Be Emptiness as completely as Emptiness can Be. Any additional content put towards Emptiness, does nothing to change Emptiness in any way, anyway. All ‘content’ is ephemeral. Content is the ‘seeming’ changing illusion. Even ‘this’ illusory content is ultimately the permutation of Nothingness, as formlessness, choosing temporary form.

The ‘me’ is not the point, contrary to popular belief. The ‘me’ has about as much meaning as one of the “Mario” brothers. An illusion is an illusion. One illusion is not any more important than another illusion (unless we ‘believe’ it does). Illusions need belief. Reality, what is happening, does not need a belief system.

Emptiness cannot be perceived. Emptiness is the ‘perceiving’. The ‘perceived’ (or illusion) cannot be the perceiving. Content (or illusion) has no independent existence. What has ‘independent existence’ cannot be content (or illusion). What is absolute permanence Is pure existing. Emptiness Is All That Is without stops for any thing.

Adding ‘some thing’ to Everything is futile. Everything/Nothingness/Emptiness Is formlessness existing without a need for form at any time (timelessly). The ‘what’ that is perceived cannot be the ‘Perceiving’. The context is ultimately never the content.

What is in an uncomfortable stasis is the ‘me’. Losing the ‘me’ is the death of illusion. No one dies in a video game nor in any illusion we co-create. The formlessness of pure existence carries no illusions about illusions.

Our Existence has always been ‘Our’ Existence. Forgetting ‘Our’ Existence does not change Our Existence. There is nothing to ‘do’ by another as there is no ‘other’ in All That Is. All That Is, Is always All That Is. Be the effortlessly Empty Being Being.

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