Attaching Love to some ‘thing’ is misunderstanding the empty nature of Love. And this understanding cannot just be a cognitive and exclusive idea. It is more a loss of cognitive ‘understanding’ that reveals ‘What Is’. ‘Not knowing’ translates to ‘not limiting’ the Unlimited.

Being Love is not ‘having’ Love. ‘Being’ Love adds absolutely no other considerations, as any additional consideration would be tantamount to tainting the pureness of Love. ‘Love’ Is complete without ‘any’ additions.

Adding ‘my’ and/or ‘your’ to Love is injecting Love with ownership. This would be an automatic downgrade of Love because of the implicit manipulation of trying to corral the un-corall-able. Essentially, this means that no one owns the One-ness. The ‘Oneness’ is never ‘yours’ or ‘mine’. There Is only one ‘Love’ and no ‘other’ can own it. Love Is this ‘Oneness’.

This discussion is to assert pure Love as Emptiness. Are we ever looking for ‘cloudy’ Love? Emptiness as formlessness/Love/Oneness Is the ‘Isness’ free of definition, cause, and/or meaning. To conceptualize ‘It’ is to downgrade ‘It’, by grounding ‘It’ to a false ground. There is no ‘ground’ Here.

There is no separate reality we can ‘ground’ into. It Is just ‘the perceiving’ of groundless Reality. It Is the ‘Nothing’ that Is ‘something’ un-seperate from Itself.

Moreover, there is no redundancy of Oneness called ‘me’. The un-founded ‘me’ has no existence. This pretense cannot be Love nor compete with Love, as ‘it’ has no real existence per se. Displacing the Reality of Oneness with an unsubstantiated ‘me’ is mere fantasy.

When we Are Love we Are our true nature. The perceiver and the perceived have no independent existence. To wit, there is no person Here to ‘have’ and/or ‘do’ anything. Nothingness needs nothing to Be Nothingness. Love as Nothingness/Oneness is never limited by what is perceived. Love Is the perceiving, un-perceived.Ultimately It Is only the Perceiving/Loving/Existing.

‘Not knowing’ is always pointing to the un-knowable and the un-limited Self of the Oneness of Love. Be the unlimited that Is always Present in the perfect background of existence while the particle and/or wave dance their way to and from the great Unknown as ‘neither’ and ‘both’. ‘Not knowing’ Is unattached and free. Love ‘That’ and Be free.

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