Wanting’ betrays a lack of fullness. When we are full we are sated. We relax. We feel contentment. We are essentially at ease with no need to grasp and/or ‘get’ anything. The ‘pushing’ stops and we just enjoy whatever.

This overt lack of pushing for something, is not an altered state. It Is our essential nature. There is nothing we ‘have to’ do to get there. It Is already Present without any ‘doing’. To ‘do’ to get it, is to miss the point entirely.

Effortless wants nothing. Is there a better definition?! The freedom of effortlessness is the implicit-ness of non-doing. The ‘doing’ becomes a ‘pushing’ with an invalid ‘control’ factor that creates a little dictator. Does all this intrigue us? What is intriguing is our loss of ‘control’ when we sincerely believe we are in ‘control’.

There is no ‘other’ so there can be no ‘other’ controller, unless we believe it so. Do we then see that ‘belief’ has been engendered, thereby giving us a false controller, as we trade-in our effortlessness for imprisonment to content and concepts?

What a deal! Enslavement and unhappiness for a ‘seeming’ control!? And now effortlessness has been sent to the junkyard of the mind for what? For fear of losing a control you never had nor will ever have.

Who benefits? Who loses? Who is this ‘who’? When we ‘need’ to have ‘control’, who is it that needs to have ‘control’? Who needs to have control is the one that believes that control can benefit us better than effortlessness. Based on what?! Based on the instability of beliefs.

Believing in the concept of ‘losing’ control for the character is stepping into some deep doodoo. Giving control to the character we play, is tantamont to giving our nightly dream character control over our life. Does this make any sense? Why would we cede an ‘idea’ of control to a fictional/temporary character, that has no standing apart from a temporary dream? And what type of ‘seeming’ control would we give the dream and/or awake character?

This type of ‘control’ given is at best, illusory. A belief in control is an effort most often sustained by instability and pretense. An evidence-based look at how much control we have is easily illustrated in our steady inability to predict the future in order to direct the future. We cannot even forecast the next minute in weather with 100% accuracy. When we ‘command’ our lives with the illusion of control, do we really then believe in ‘that’ control’? Belief in a false idea can only exacerbate the likelihood of a negative outcome.

We Are before thoughts and beliefs about whom we ‘think’ we are. Thoughts and beliefs are not the ticket to Being Being i.e. effortlessness. Letting go of the adding of false control is accepting the Peace of Being Being effortlessly Now, while adding nothing.

Adding ‘nothing’ to Nothingness leaves nothing disturbed by an ill-fated effort of unnecessary ‘doing’. ‘Effortlessness’ means there is no controlling what is already happening. The peace comes in the acceptance of all ‘that’. Trying to control that which needs no supplemental control is futile and self-destructive.

Peace does not have a belief system. There is no ‘wanting’ Here. ‘It’ just Is effortless Beingness stabilizing a universe that is 13.8 billion years old.

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