This is not a personal journey. If it was a personal journey then the temporary would become permanent. What is projected by thought is another thought. Thoughts are things that do not have consciousness. What sees the thoughts and other phenomena, is not a thought. Thoughts are phenomenal things that exist ‘in’ consciousness and never as consciousness.

Saying ‘it’ is personal does not make ‘it’ any more real. Existence alone has consciousness. What ‘exists’ always existed. What never existed never will exist. And yet there is consciousness everywhere. Consciousness moves through the temporary/phenomenal e.g. the person, but is not the ‘person’ per se.

This distinction is implicit in Being Being. Being Being is permanent regardless of the presence/absence of a body or incarnation. Making ‘it’ a personal journey is to miss the seemingly less obvious permanence of just Being. Beingness is accessible with or without an incarnation. It Is existence that never stops existing.

There is no path for the non-existing. Having a ‘view’ as a separate person does not make a real existing entity. The absoluteness of ‘existing’ Is absolute. Wanting or desiring something different is not tenable in the least as far as ‘making’ existence. Consciousness Is always Consciousness. Phenomena is the temporary moving through the permanence. It’s nature is as illusory as it is temporary. Check your dreams out.

To suggest a path for phenomena to blossom into existence, that has always been permanent, is to soley depend on concepts without clearly experiencing experiencing just experiencing. In other words, just Being Existing without any need for phenomena of any kind is to ‘Know’ this ‘Knowing’ without any ‘thing’ being added to include ‘time’.

To ‘have’ a path to the Absolute would require a ‘someone’ to transmute into ‘existing’ when there cannot be any more or less of ‘existing’. No one ‘has’ a path because ‘existing’ does not start nor stop. It Is always existing as ‘existing’. ‘Change’ is indigenous to phenomena not ‘existence’. As ‘existence’ there would be no need to ‘have’ anything period. Any ‘to have’ idea would be an absolute downgrade to Being Being aka existence.

Existence cannot ‘have’ a path. It Is existence. There is no path to ‘get’ there because ‘You’ existence, Are always Present. There is no ‘doer’ or ‘getter’. ‘That’ would be phenomena.

A silent mind is not projecting. Silence plus ‘openness’ is even better. Hoarding concepts, ideas, and preferences does not bring clarity. Being the spaceless space requires absolutely nothing. Be ‘that’ effortlessly.

‘You’ cannot get out of what ‘You’ were never in. There Is nothing to control when ‘You’ Are Everything and Everything Is (done). The ‘path’ is an absolute ‘no path’. Lose the ‘beliefs’ and experience the permanence of just experiencing experiencing.

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