There is no one else present. What ‘Is’ present Is Presence. The ‘one’ to presumably ‘do’ the path is a creation, a temporary creation, that cannot possibly ‘do’ anything meaningful in connectivity, despite ‘meaningful’ intentions. That ‘doer’ is a mere idea.

The connectivity we presumbly seek, is not something ‘created’. ‘It’ just Is. The ‘seeking’ is an immediate undermining of ‘What Is’ already eternally Present. The ‘seeking’ is unnecessary travel down a dead end. But going down a false path does have its utility. All ‘seeking’ tells us that ‘seeking’ is a dead end endeavor.

Dead ends leading nowhere immediately inform us of a futile path. We certainly do not find the ‘connectivity’ to Self we ‘thought’ we could secure. Connectivity just ‘Is’. It cannot be found as it was never lost.

What ‘Is Present’ cannot be found (by seeking). ‘It’ just ‘Is’. What ‘Is Present’ cannot be lost, ever, as ‘It’ always ‘Is’. To suggest that we have to ‘look’ for ‘It’ is to misunderstand connectivity.

Connectivity Is. Connectivity Is Presence Now, eternally Now. ‘This’ is not a cognitive exercise where logic, thoughts, ideas, and paradigms reign. ‘It’ is before/after all that. Connectivity is always occurring in every moment. To get lost in ideas and thoughts about ‘it’ is to deliberately choose to try to lose connectivity. Futility consistently will show up when we mis-state Presence as ‘absence’. The lack of any ‘doing’ immediately can tells us that Presence can never leave ‘Us’ as ‘It’ Is ‘Us’ always.

Being everything, we seemingly can’t find anything. The ‘looking’ needs to stop its seeking. The formless does not need a form. Still, formlessness is in all forms. Forms and/or no forms, is not the issue. There is no outside to surrender to nor is there an inside to distinguish ‘All that Is’ from ‘All that Is’. ‘All that Is’ Is just ‘All that Is’.

To choose the view of getting lost in thoughts, is to choose the temporal path with temporal/limited outcomes. Conversely, the choiceless path of no path, is effortlessly Being Being (sans ‘doing’) with no limits. ‘See-ing’ the ‘no view’ of just effortlessly Being, beyond a thought-based time-limited existence, takes Us off the ‘path’ to Being The ‘path’.

‘No view’ is all ‘views’. Everything is ‘neutral’ until ‘We’ say it isn’t. There are no preferences nor paths Here. It just Is. Surrender surrenders into Itself. There are no ‘others’. The ‘expression’ is an expression. What is ‘expressing’ Is What Is.

Be the pathless path. You Are.

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