Belief has caused us to lose our ‘sense of reality’. Making ‘the dream’ a reality does not make Reality. And yes, we create our own reality. When we dream, often enough, we believe the dream. When we are awake in in the waking dream we have ultimately created, we believe ‘that’ dream as well.

Compelling as a dream is, ‘it’ is not an eternal existence, rather more a sleeping and/or waking dreaming. Awareness of a dream is awareness of unreality i.e. both the sleeping and waking dreams.

Awareness of any dream is awareness of the very temporary. The discerning factor in Reality is Awareness of Awareness. ‘Looking for’ Awareness from the dream is abiding in the dream, while dreaming about ‘Awareness’. ‘Dreaming’ is ‘seeing’ from the seeming separateness. ‘That’ is not ‘Awareness Being Awareness’.

Awareness never stops Being Awareness. Awareness is always before any identification with thought. ‘That’ Beingness never stops in Awareness. Awareness is never ‘second’ to dreaming and/or thoughts. False identification with dreaming/thoughts is the artificial forgetting of Awareness. Awareness never actually leaves/forgets nor could It.

Like a magician, ‘seeming reality’ points to irrelevant content in order to persuade us with the ‘grossness’ of ‘seeming reality’ so we can play this virtual dream in a time-based container. All the while, Awareness is playing coy, silent and formless, watching everything while being nothing. The headset of ‘seeming reality’ has imaginary content, that everyone generally agrees with, to wit, a compelling belief and response to an imaginary world.

Behind and before the creation of this phenomena, ‘You’ Awareness quietly abides. The constant loading up on the gigabytes of data in our virtual headset, convinces us of the faux importance of gaming the game in favor of the game. The magician of the ‘game’ constantly points us to winning the game. However, taking the game seriously, we always lose the game despite the scoring of this false reality.

The meaningless score in the game of life is always pointing to the ‘end of experience’ of gaming. Moreover the pointing challenges the built-in premise that the game is real. The game is a virtual dream. There is no winning this game except in the narrow context of the game. And ‘that’ is clearly only a game/dream. The ‘experience’ is not the ‘before’ of the non-stop-ness of experiencing. Experiencing experiencing is Awareness of Awareness.

Here Is everywhere. What contains everything Is Everything. The perfection of Everything needs no scoring. Virtual headsets are dreams We Are dreaming as the Everything that Is everything. What doesn’t change is The Everything. What changes is everything we dream. The dream is never the ultimate Reality. What Is dreaming the dream Is Reality.

The content is not the Formlessness that Is. What contains everything Is, and has no temporary form of any kind. Surrendering the waking dream Is Being formless emptiness with nothing needing to be done. This is full freedom. Channel ‘That’ effortlessly Now.

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