‘This’ is not a choice. It Is whom we Are. There is no ‘doing’ or ‘having’ Here. It just Is. ‘It’ cannot be otherwise. And that ‘It’ Is Us.

Often to capture happiness, especially causeless happiness, is to try to engage in some kind of proprietary ownership. But who can own this when there is no ‘who’? If ‘All That Is’ Is ‘All that Is’, there can be no ‘who’ to secure anything. The seeming securing of a ‘who’ to ‘have’ anything is to engage in the robbery of the Oneness of Being only Being.

This identity theft of happiness occurs constantly and in open view and by practically everyone, at least at one time or another. The identity theft itself is bad enough when we believe Ourselves to be owners of happiness. What is compounded is the hostage taking of happiness Itself into some seeming future timeline by some manufactured ‘someone’.

Happiness cannot be flowing freely as a constant movement when it is stopped and jammed into a box called ‘me’. This may sound a bit harsh. But is this situation not unacceptably harsh?! Of course it is. The consequence of having a receipt of faux happiness just does not feel as full or complete or fulfilling.

The so-called happiness we are in receipt of has a shelf-life of about a minute. Is ‘this’ what we have been pining for all this time! Where is the substance and longevity of a true happiness?

Having a cause-based happiness is obviously conditioned on a receipt of some kind of ownership that relies on a temporary ephemeral event and/or physical change. Inherent in any ‘change scale’ is of course the inevitability of the insistence and persistance of change. All ‘that’ goes nowhere as far as any meaningful endurance (a la permanence).

Permanence abides in an eternity of permanence. Otherwise, we would defer to the ‘temporary’ as appropriately ‘fleeting’. Yes? The ‘permanence’ is not knowing a beginning and/or end. This definition is essential. There are no borders Here. Creating borders is indigenous to creating time. ‘This’ happiness abides timelessly.

Timelessly, happiness then becomes an implicit ‘not knowing’ conceptually. This then allows happiness freedom to arise from the borderless-ness of not-knowing and not holding any ‘thing’. Permanence then has a felt-sense and Now is no longer rooted in a concept.

We Are happiness unchained and flowing freely. To suggest otherwise is to be buried in stasis. Being in a frozen state is akin to a river being frozen over and unable to flow in any direction, contrary to ‘rivering’, its most essential ingredient i.e. perennial movement.

Happiness, like a river, flows through turns, highs, and lows, until it celebrates arriving at its destination -the Ocean. Happiness never really stopped or started at any point because it had no cause to start or stop.

Be ‘that’ unmoving movement timelessly Now. Very happy always.

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