Everything is neutral until it isn’t. And it isn’t until we create ‘that’ appearance. And ‘that’ appearance is still in alignment with the ‘Allness’ of it all because the finite form (or preference) is a temporal expression of ‘All That Is’.

All creation always falls back to ‘What Is’ because ‘that’ is what is always central to ‘What Is’. Formlessness going into form and form then going back to formlessness. All the while Being Being Formlessness undiminished. Everything is always everything without being anything but Everything.

Not unlike a nightly dream, that was something that really turned out to be nothing, We just Are. And how much time/space does the dream or appearance really take? How much time/space does this appearance take when considering ‘timelessness’?

The zero point of Nothingness has no attributes including good and bad. To place a form on Nothingness aka neutrality, we have to have a preference where there are no preferences ‘existing’.

Wide Openness cannot Be Wide Openness if there are preferences/appearances with an independent existence. Nothingness Is ultimately Nothingness existing. Nothingness Is Existence Is Us. Existence is an absolute. We cannot even imagine that our existence would ever be non-existent.

Wide Openness Is neutrality, Is Nothingness, Is absolute with nothing added. Ergo, there Is nothing that can bring You to Yourself as You Are already there/here existing forever.

The ‘story’ of separation is but a dream dreamt. The source of whom we Are is before/during/after the dream, relentlessly Present. The Eternal Absolute is never dumbed down to a ‘thing’ (content). It Is content-less. There is never any separation in Reality. The source of all is the same source. How could there be any separation? Feel ‘that’ Now.

Be without a sense of ‘lack’. What could be lacking when You Are Present? ‘Lack’ is temporal. You Are wide-openness without any borders of any kind. How could this abundance be some finite lack!?

Here We Are. The zero point of Nothingness. There is no story and there are no ‘things’ and there is no separation. Effortless-ness cannot be ‘done’. ‘It’ just happens. Let It happen through You. This Is wide-open freedom Now.

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