Where else could Love be but Here?! There are no conditions for Beingness to Be. Love is integrated neutrality that does not distinguish a ‘this’ and ‘that’. “Why no distinguishing?” you might ask. There is nothing but Nothingness to distinguish ‘another’ as being separate from Oneness -that Is Everything is everything. Love is not a condition. Love Is eternal Beingness, one and the same. Oneness does not have ‘others’ in the wings of some backstage.

Love flows freely without regard to an appearance that may or may not prevail. It Is non-stop Be-ing Itself with and/or without projections. Love is a highly integrated energy frequency that is the least resistant path to absolute Openness. It Is the nature of Beingness to embody the highest frequency of an eternal Oneness. And there is no real ‘path’ to Oneness in that Oneness is everything including some idea of a ‘path’.

Love Is an implicit resonating frequency shining It’s integration in every thing and every one. There is no ‘doing’ Love. There is no ‘having’ Love. There is no ‘getting’ Love. All ‘that’ is unnecessary ‘wanting’ by a belief called a ‘false self’. What Is implicit, is the subtlety of the Presence of Love. Love does not need to push itself on anything/anyone. ‘That’ would ‘not’ Be Love.

Contrarily, the Presence of Love is unmitigated and at the same time, seemingly sublimated into obscurity, when lower frequencies of ideas, wants, and desires, mask It off. Love, the ineffable substance of the Universe, cannot be destroyed. ‘It’ always Is. However, the perseveration of 24/7 content, is allowed to obscure what Is always Here/Now, forcing/suppressing Beingness into the background. Beingness Is existence Itself. It can never leave. What ‘leaves’ is obscuration. Love/Beingness is never not Present. Even during the darkest times, It prevails. Access is the question/answer.

What stories/monologues do we tell ourselves to not be free?! Belief in the stories goes a long, long way. Losing the unsupported belief, loses the obscuration. Keeping and/or retranslating the belief into a ‘better’ person, is the underscoring of separation into a distinct but better ‘person’ still apart from Oneness. Can we see the hamster wheel yet?! It is frustrating because we are unwilling to completely lose the idea and content we call a separate person.

Love is centrally located Here/Now without a story, a person to have a story and/or qualification. There are no standards to add to a pure freedom to Be. That is, unless we ‘believe’ so. Matching the frequency of Openness/Neutrality is essentially Being content-less by holding nothing but unattached Love Itself. ‘Doing’ cannot ‘do’ it. And there is no ‘this’/’that’ in pure Love. Just ‘Oneness’.

There is a naturalness in Beingness Knowing Itself. There is absolutely no struggle Here. Love just Loves Loving while Being nothing but causeless Love. The resting of mind is the resting of stories and content-based desires that would normally have a felt sense of needing to be addressed. ‘That’ does not have a grip on Us when we Know Ourselves as Self -Self that is fully Present and complete Now and forever.

The ‘appearance’ is but the ‘appearance’. Existence Is Always Here Now effortlessly Loving the pure Love behind all appearance. This Is an Absolute. Know ‘this’ through effortless Love coursing effortlessly through the body as Life Itself. ‘Openness’ allows everything to Be without any pushing this way or that way. Love Is central to Us.

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