When Self Is ‘everything’ what is everything else? There Is nothing else. ‘Everything else’ is a ‘seeming’ everything else‘. A ‘seeming’ anything is only ‘imaginary’. ‘Imaginary’ does not have an enduring existence. Meaning, there is no permanence to it.

‘Everything else’ is the coming and going of phenomena. ‘Believing’ in phenomena as having a ‘permanence’ cannot give ‘it’ permanence, despite our ‘sincere’ beliefs. Beliefs are very often overrated and under-performing because they are based in a spurious phenomena called ‘thoughts/thinking’.

Making ‘beliefs’ sacred does nothing to ‘make’ beliefs more valid. That would essentially be using another concept to embellish a concept. Additionally, there is often a subtle manipulation here with the ‘sacred’ word, in that ‘we’ shouldn’t question what someone believes in.

There is a freedom in believing whatever you want. But ‘that’ does not mean that ‘it’ is necessarily true, even for ‘that’ person, let alone others. There is an equal right to question all concepts to especially include beliefs, especially our own.

Too often our own beliefs are tragically impaired upon judicious scrutiny. To go from birth to death without testing/retesting, while being given supplemental knowledge, would be ill-advised.

The strength of ‘Knowing’ Self is existentially experiential, so much so that all beliefs are trumped by direct ‘experiencing’. Only Knowing ‘Knowing’ as ultimately Being everything is enough. This ‘experiencing’ is not static where it comes and goes. Experiencing is forever ‘experiencing’ with no stops at some ‘experience’. The ultimate connection is with ‘experiencing’ not ‘experience’ per se.

To supplant ‘experiencing’ for a static ‘experience’ is to clearly choose a lesser vehicle (that has stopped ‘experiencing’) .Experiencing’ can acknowledge an experience without stopping the connection of constantly ‘experiencing’.

Even an ‘experience’ is truly not outside of Self, except ‘seemingly’ so. Unity with Self is never undermined by illusion. However, when we abide in and ‘believe’ in the illusion we create the illusion we ‘believe’ in. ‘That’ reinforces the illusion and underscores our identity with ‘it’. Despite the perseveration of illusion, the Beingness of experiencing Is unimpaired.

Ultimately there Is only Nothingness Being Nothingness. This spaceless space Is everything sine qua non. There Is no ‘other’.

The ‘Experiencing’ Is timelessly Now. ‘It’ never started/stopped. There is nothing to complete because ‘It’ Is always complete. ‘You’ never become someone because You Are the One. That ‘One’ has always been and always will be complete. The idea that a ‘someone’ needs completion is merely an unvetted idea. ‘That’ idea is commonly an enduring belief. Beliefs are clearly unnecessary when there Is only ‘This’.

Experiencing’ Is pure experiencing with no stops to trade ‘experiencing’ for an ‘experience’. Trading ‘experiencing’ for ‘experience’ only reinforces ‘having’ an ‘experience’ over the effortlessness of just ‘experiencing’. There is no one Here to ‘have’ anything.

The naturalness of Being Self is overwhelming effortless. Can It be simpler?!.

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