There is no one Here ‘to have’ this thought. ‘That’ would be another thought. There is no person to be Present. That would have to be a costume waking up.

The character in the story is just a character in a story. There is never a ‘somebody’ Being. ‘Somebody’ Being would still be a ‘somebody’ in a story presumably Being.

There is no ‘story’ in Being Being. The ‘need’ is not to become another ‘someone’. The fact is Beingness just ‘Is’ without the drama of a character in a story.

Surrendering all superficiality is surrendering all concepts defining Self. The surfaceness of ideas does not go deep enough to plumb what is prior, i.e. Being Beingness. The nature of ‘superficiality’ is ‘superficiality’. All ‘that’ is indigenous to the surface.

The depth and prior-ness of Being defines Beingness. Here, there is nothing to understand. ‘That’ would have to be conceptual. Holding content and holding a view are constraints causing a seeming separation from a bottomless freedom to Be. Being ‘unbounded’ has no constraints as ‘that’ Is Being All That Is.

Nothing is separate in Nothingness. There is no outside nor inside. There is nothing missing Here. Everything is included in experiencing experiencing. At the same time, there is no one there ‘to have’ an experience. It Is just Experiencing.

Presence Is only ‘Nothingness’ Now. Thoughts are always subsequent to Being. Beingness stays before and after any thought. Being second, thought has no enduring existence. It comes and it always goes. What stays Is Presence. Presence is timelessly always Now lauding It’s emptiness/fullness/everything-ness.

The ‘person’ is real in the dream of waking time-based reality. Timelessly, the person is/was always a secondary character dancing the dance of freedom unquantified. This dance of freedom Is Us unquantified. There is no destination in the dance. The ‘dance’ is just dancing. Unquantified because our true identity Is ‘All That Is’ forever Now just dancing timelessly.

Timelessness is not a reaction nor a creation. It just Is. It has everything and nothing to do with the character we play.

Presence Is Here. Always Here with or without a some-body.

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