There is nothing outside of Self. There is no ‘person’ Be-ing. To add a ‘person’ is to add the ‘unreal’ to the ‘real’. Be-ing does not need or require any noun to Be. Adding any ‘thing’ to the No-thing-ness is akin to adding physicality to non-physicality. The non-physicality of Beingness is already everything without Being anything.

The denser frequencies of creating a physical self is always a temporary manifestation of Life expressing Itself without diminishing Itself. The manifestations underscore Self. They do not in any manner replace Self. Temporary expressions of ‘person’ are expressly not replacements for Self, as Self Is always timelessly Self.

The ‘person’ is never meant to replace Self. That would then be ‘the temporary’ replacing ‘the permanence’ of Being. The ‘person’ ideally is a channel for the Divinity of Life to express Itself through form. The person is merely a form expressing the unlimitedness of Formlessness.

Forms, even apart from the human form, are all expressions of Divinity. How could It ‘Be’ otherwise? When ‘All That Is’ Is ‘All That Is’, what is left?!

The ‘See-ing’ of Being does not need a ‘See-er’. The believing in a ‘see-er’ binds Us out of the elegance of just ‘See-ing’. The ‘see-er’ is merely a character in a story we overplay as being real/personal. This limitation of believing in the construct, robs Us of Being unlimited-ness/form-less Being. Just Being, with no additions Is ‘Us’.

‘This character’ cannot get out of the character because the character is merely a one dimensional construct that has no real volition. The movie this character is in has volition only in the movie. The role of the character in the movie is limited to the character in the movie.

The character never really gets out of the movie (as the character). What Is playing the character is/was never stuck in the movie. ‘That’ You has always been free of the constraints of the movie.

Playing the character does not mean You Are the character. What ‘You’ rests as is always ‘You’ unless You allow Yourself to believe otherwise. And ‘You’ can never really be lost as ‘You’ can never not Be ‘You’ (except seemingly so).

The ‘correction’ of identity is ‘not’ after getting stuck in the character. Using ‘after’ would require the character to be the liberator. The character does not have the bandwidth to ‘Know’ liberation.

The ‘correction’ is ‘before’ the character. This ‘timelessness’ means and refers to what Is always Present. The ‘What Is’ Is never not Present. The holding and attachment to the character seemingly obscures the effortlessness to just Be. The ‘doing’ is always an over-doing because ‘This’ Is always Here.

Holding onto the somethingness of Emptiness and just ‘That’ is enough. Any more is too much. The character cannot get out of the movie to help Us.

Yet We include everything to experience the unseperate nothingness. ‘All That Is’ Is ‘All That Is’. The viewpoint is no viewpoint as ‘That’ Is all viewpoints.

You already Are Now the connection to Everything as the emptiness of nothingness. The character is a ‘someone’. You Are Everyone.

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