Holding anything would immediately change the status of ‘Emptiness’ to something more full; aka content. The steadfastness of Emptiness is its glory. The immutability to persist under all and/or any conditions, is its value.

Emptiness Is Us. It Is Us even before existence, given existence is something to Be. Nothingness, Being Emptiness, Is nothing that can be quantified. There is nothing, let alone a thought, that can cage It. It Is undefinable freedom -and ‘that’ is too much to reduce to a something.

There is no achievement in Emptiness. That would undermine the Fullness of Emptiness. The moving and changing indicative of worldliness, is not a distraction nor a goal to Emptiness. ‘That’ is an underscoring of what Emptiness Is and Is not.

Seeming achievements/lack of achievement, have no consequence on the Fullness. The temporariness of what is accomplished /not accomplished, has absolutely no bearing on the Emptiness/Fullness/ Timelessness. All ‘that’ is just what ‘that’ is. ‘That’ has no ties into what Is immutable. Immutability cannot be immutable if It Is not immutable. Any give on immutability would mean all would be mutable.

This just means that where we find Ourselves, serves us accordingly. The fragility of over-identification as a person has profound implications for a life well lived. Living for the person has marked differences than Life living through Us. Finding Ourselves as Ourselves is completeness (never found nor lost).

The body is akin to conduit for electricity. The conduit is lifeless without electricity. Bringing Life into the world is meaningful for daily life. Worshipping the conduit is a critical error of mistaking the person (body) for Life electrified by Life Itself. Life directs Itself through the body and then the body channels this energy. Life Itself Is Us -not the body from where it appears to be conducted to/from.

Emptiness is story-free and before thought. Unconditional Self Is Life Itself with no words to describe It. Here there is nothing missing except ‘the person’ who is fictional. The ‘thought’ that I am a person, is ‘Seen’ from ‘Seeing’. ‘Seeing’ is not a fictional ‘see-er’. ‘Seeing’ is indigenous to’Being’ and ‘Emptiness’ both of which have no form.

Form has a conduit-like presence. Formlessness Is within all temporary forms. ‘A person’ is certainly a temporary form. Achievement is temporary. Formlessness cannot be achieved. ‘You’ Are, with nothing missing or to be achieved. ‘You’ never become someone as changelessness never changes.

Now never does future or past. There is no ‘doing’ as a person in the Now. Bottom line is that one cannot hold on to Emptiness as there is nothing to hold on to and no person to ‘do’ it. Now is timelessly complete.

A person with thoughts and ideas is nothing to hold on to nor to shun. Appearances of thoughts of self are mere apearances of fictional concepts that are non-existent. Before thoughts and ideas of self, ‘We’ exist formlessly. The perennial non-holding of higher Self allows Formlessness to be unbound effortlessly.

Attach to the non-attachment of Emptiness. Attaching to the openness of absolute nothingness is the ticket where no baggage is allowed. Empty Is Fullness Now and forever. Less bags more effortlessness.


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