This’ is not for the ‘person’. ‘This’ is not bound by an idea ‘from’ the ‘person’. The ‘person’ being the imaginary character in the movie called ‘your life’. Un-boundedness is never bound, by anything.

The ‘person’ does not ‘get’ Awareness. Awareness appears as the ‘person’ and expresses Itself through the ‘person’. The ‘person’ becomes the animated vehicle for Awareness. The vehicle, the person, never becomes or ‘has’ Awareness. If the vehicle ‘had’ Awareness then Awareness would be owned by the vehicle. There is no need for ‘owning’ or ‘having’ in Awareness. Awareness Is All that Is. And there is no one to ‘own’ anything (to especially include a ‘person’). Awareness Is All. End of story.

‘Having’ is a stoic belief that immediately undermines boundless freedom. Once you ‘have’ then you ‘own’, which results in a separation and a loss rather than a more natural effortless-ness and immediate understanding of the integration of Self always Being Self. ‘Having’ anything is an implicit owning of an imaginary belief, especially a belief in a separate self. ‘Having’ is a clear separation from ‘Being’, for which ‘Being’ always ‘has’ only nothing-ness.

Nothingness Is already everything, thereby eliminating the going into a ‘having’ of anything, by Nothingness. Lose the ‘having’. Freedom has no dictator i.e. a character. Boundless freedom is nothing/everything.

Awareness Is completely Present Now. To go to ‘time’ is to go into distortion to find clarity. All the while, this clarity is Present without going through any door. To suggest we need to ‘get’ something to have clarity, is to miss the obviousness of the presence of clarity.

Awareness is definitely not for the person. Awareness is not found in a ‘person’. The ‘person’ is in Awareness. Awareness is not bound by a phenomenal time-based idea called a ‘person’. You can only lose what you ‘have’ not ‘what you are’. If you don’t ‘see It’ you are looking ‘from it’. Be ‘before’.

Have nothing. Hold nothing. Be everything. No effort or ‘person’ can get you to where You already Are. ‘No effort’ Is just Being.

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