Stillness has absolutely no ‘one’ being still. Silence has no ‘one’ being quiet. The ‘doing’ and the ‘completing’ of any task is not ‘It’. ‘It’ just Is. There is nothing to add to ‘It’, or ‘do’ for It, but to Be the Nothingness which ‘It’ Is already.

Stillness and Silence are not two different things. They are certainly not things independent of Us. They Are Us without the addition of things and/or other temporary structures like a ‘self’. The essence of Stillness/Silence is having no structures to attach to, that would then cause a compromise to this Fullness (from a lesser vehicle). Stillness and Silence are the same resonance, Being everything and nothing, changelessly timeless with no ‘other’.

Change is inherent in the character. The character is the vehicle for change. This vehicle moves forward in time to carry the alleged story to a foregone conclusion. The conclusion is the end of the story, the characters, and the journey, to the unchanging Stillness. This Isness is ‘seemingly’ reached through the merging of the character into pure openness.

This Stillness has never moved despite the seeming changes experienced by the character. The Stillness Is always the Stillness, not waiting for any temporary character. The character’s journey is what is terminal. When the journey ends the character is completely vanquished into the Stillness/Silence.

The character never really has a permanent existence. The illusion of the character is always an illusion, meaning that the unchanging Stillness was never effected by the status of where the character was or wasn’t. ‘That’ would be a charade relative to the limited ‘idea’ of a very impermanent character. The character was a ticket to nowhere but Here. ‘Here’ never really waited for a non-existing thing. ‘Waiting’ would have to be an illusion (or character) pretending to be permanent.

The character has never been real, nor will it ever become real. To wit, the character never gets enlightened because all characters are illusions with a pretense. Believing in a character is tantamount to a fairy tale. There is absolutely no evidence to back up this belief. Believing cannot get past the character. Believing is indigenous to the character.

There is no need for a belief to Know the Stillness. When there is an unclogging of Openness/Stillness/Silence, then there can be enough spaceless space to Be. Losing the idea and belief of a permanent character is at the heart and nexus of illusion/Reality.

There is no ‘doing’ It by the imagined ‘doer’. There Is only ‘Being It’ just happening, through the vehicle. Through the vehicle means ‘unimpeded’ space for the aliveness of the Resonance to flow effortlessly with no seeming preferences.

Be the Stillness that is always complete and unfettered despite seeming circumstances. It Is ‘this’ flow that has no ‘doing’ to it.

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