Conceptual boxing of pre-ideas would pre-suppose an imposing limitation in order to be a ‘boxed’ item, in order to fit the proposed box. Or any box for that matter. A ‘box’ is a concept that has visible parameters in terms of measurement, i.e. a measurement that has distinct finite boundaries. What is before ideas has a ‘fitting problem’ conceptually.

When quantification is not possible, relative to dimensionality, conceptuality then would not be useful for finding an agreeable definition/meaning/typology for ‘pre-ideas’. Imagination and theorizing are often used to stretch an imaginary box around the cantankerous un-boxed item in question. The general rules for a scientific method are summarily and temporarily suspended for reasons of pontification until a suitable means-tested idea (box) comes forth, if ever, for those unquantifiable issues.

Awareness is the ground of all experience. This pointing ‘to’ a something, is not a concept that fits into any hard box. Awareness is not a thing or an ‘amount’ of any ‘thing’. To speak about it or try to manage it, cannot be done very successfully due to its elemental nature of everywhere/nowhere to both include and not include time. Awareness Is existence with no trace of It’s existence, except It’s formless energy i.e. resonance.

Like a fish in water, we overlook the water as if it was nothing. Awareness Is nothingness Being ubiquitous. To dismiss it for ‘matter’ is to thoroughly miss the big picture. We only see what is in the water, while the overlooked ‘water’ is metaphorically everything that matters. No water equals no fish. No Awareness, no thing.

Awareness is the source that generates all circumstances/appearances.Circumstances/appearances do not determine being-ness.

Our genuine excitement will always point Us to the best outcome possible. Our ‘excitement’ is the most ambitious tool we have. When we follow our excitement, we accept the calling card of Awareness. We are pointed to the thrill our heart feels rather than the over-dependence and over-use of ‘thinking’ it exclusively through with the mind. Heart has a concept-less feel to Knowing. This is where box-less-ness can abide.

Concepts are not very homey. There is a separation that often occurs in over-using the idea of ideas, because things get objectified. The connection to everything gets modified by a dependence on mind a la ‘overuse’, versus a direct connection with heart space. Mind actually loses objectivity because it precludes the importance of ‘no mind’ i.e. direct connection to life. Life will always be compromised when It’s fullness is not recognized. There is a place for objectivity of concepts. It is not in place of a connection with undefinable Awareness.

The Scientific method espouses ‘neutrality’. This is a legitimate starting point. The ‘Openness’ of Awareness is neutrality at the outset for everything until we declare ‘it’ otherwise. When ‘It’ Is neutrality ‘It’ Is ‘Openness’. Neutrality creates clarity. Neutrality promotes implicit peace in the present moment which makes it among the most powerful positions for change.

Connecting with the Higher Self of Openness/Neutrality relaxes us into timelessness. Opportunities are seen as viable opportunities. Life runs Itself. We abide as neutrality allowing Life to direct Life effortlessly. Relaxing into neutrality gives the clearest see-ing available. Not chasing things and ideas, avails energy to connect to Itself directly without interference of over-personal wants/desires.

The utility of concepts is useful as long as they do not take the position of alpha to omega, with no room for the pre-ideas of Awareness/Beingness. There are no limitations in concept-free consciousness. The relationship between being something and Being Nothingness is not exclusionary. It is complimentary. The neutrality is the ground that connects both to each other.

All Is One until we say it isn’t. But that does not really change reality. Only our position changes. Be free. Always Be.

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