Why this is important, is to recognize the need for an explicit remembering of what is left when emotions and thoughts are not present. What is left is something often called ‘nothing’.

This ‘nothingness’ appears as nothing but yet is ‘something’. This ‘something’ cannot be described like an object can be described. Yet it is alive, as there is a knowing Presence. ‘This’ is what is essential yet invisible to the mind.

Between the coming/going of emotions and thoughts, what is present Is always present. The noting of ‘the Presence in absence’ of emotions/thoughts does not mean that this ‘Presence’ was ever absent. It only means that a seeming obfuscation occluded this ‘Presence’. The shallow adherence to an exclusivity of emotions and thoughts as a priori, is a choice that may or may not be apparent.

When we give a monopolistic deference to emotions and thoughts that fully occupy space, we clearly make a choice, either consciously or unconsciously, for ‘things’. Conversely, making a conscious choice for a practice of investigation and acknowledgement of ‘what’ is present, ‘that’ conscious choice, can easily reveal a false belief about the absence of Presence. ‘Presence’ is actually Being Here and being ‘something’, despite the presence and/or absence of appearances like emotions and thoughts (false beliefs).

Juxtaposing the conscious choice with the un-conscious choice, we see so staggeringly, what is up with the ‘un-conscious choice‘. That limited view hails to an exceedingly narrow viewpoint that Awareness is something outside of Ourselves. When in fact, through a little investigation, we find otherwise. Clarity is in the ‘Seeing’ that Awareness never is not present even when ‘seeming’ obfuscations like emotions and thoughts pre-occupy us. Awareness Is us always.

There is no rocket science being practiced Here. What is Here, with emotions/thoughts, is also always Here when there are no perceivable emotions/thoughts. When ‘we’ Are in Awareness at all times and all circumstances, there is nothing to do to then ‘try’ to get into Awareness. Limiting circumstances cannot change the “What Is”.

Belief can seemingly alter the Truth of ‘this’ unchanging reality. Beliefs are tools. They are Not Truths. Even ‘spirituality’ is a concept. Truths do not need words to validate Truth. Concepts are useful but at the same time ‘after-thoughts’. Truth is always first. Ideas are subsequent.

Between thoughts, before thoughts, after thoughts, Awareness Is unchangingly Here. Emotions/feelings come and go while the ‘open heart’ always remains ‘open’.

Feel the heart-space of unobstructed Awareness. Unobstructed by thought, emotion, habit, belief, and/or concept, the Truth of Awareness always abides in perennial Presence.

We are always in the presence of the Presence of Awareness, effortlessly Now. Quiet mind and open heart facilitate ‘What Is’ always Here Now despite any circumstances or lack of circumstances.

Be free of clinging to any ‘thing’. We Are already ‘In’. ‘That’ will never change.

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