What is happening now is always happening. To make something happen from the perspective of ‘me’, is to engage in a very parochial view. ‘That’ view is as limited as a leash on an animal. Limited because the view is separate from the greater whole. This view, has a distinct separation from an integrated whole, where everything is constantly interacting with everything else all the time.

This ‘me’ of artificial separation, is a view that implicits that the world revolves around ‘it’. It suggests an independence that has no basis in fact. It suggests that actions taken on it’s behalf have no consequence other than itself. This is not only a false separation from ‘What Is’ but also an arrogance of position above everything else and everyone else.

This view is unsustainable given the selfish consequences on a victimized world seemingly supporting the ridiculous rights of an extremist. This is a view with an obvious lack of a real concern for micro/macro systems. These mutually beneficial systems, that we are all part of, have direct ramifications for the entire planet. This implicit connection is unsustainable when a micro-view is launched as a viable choice by billions of people with a needy ‘me’.

What is happening is that there is a ‘doing’ by the false self ( aka ‘me’) to engender a proper world for ‘self’. The ‘separateness’ that is obviously then present, does not ‘see’ that its separateness is unsustainable in even achieving its own goals. When the planet dies what good is excessive self-enrichment?

Actually, losing the imaginary ‘doer’, does more to ingratiate the planet than any other act. The imaginary ‘doer’ does untold harm to self and others. Seeing that there is no ‘doer’, liberates the greater good automatically. The imaginary ‘doing’ stops. The system does not require even one ‘doer’ to ‘do’ anything. Life is the system that just happens without prompting. If no person was here, the planet would go on planet-ing.

‘Doing nothing’ implies no tyrannical ‘doer’ necessary. The ‘doer’, being an invented idea with no real basis and no real existence, is a ’cause’ without a ’cause’. Identity is with ‘All that Is’ being ‘All that Is’, period. To add to ‘that’ is to actually subtract (seemingly). ‘Me’ is a concept not a real identity.

Differences are only there when perspective is relocated into a refracted self. Awakening out of the ‘me’ has no steps because ‘It Is what It Is’ already (no ‘me’).

Trying to understand ‘this’ from the ‘me’ is only allowing limitation to put more limitation unto itself. When ‘the mind’ is trying to understand, it engenders more limitation from ‘the source’ of limitation.

We Are limitless unless and until we prescribe a ‘limitedness’. There is no awakening out of ‘me’ because there never really was a ‘real’ me. Understanding comes from Being-ness not imagination trying to understand.

Be effortlessly empty of every ‘thing’. Nothing needs to be done. The ‘Nothingness’ is Everything. It Is what Is happening.

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