It is ‘both’ and ‘and’. It is circularity and linearity. It is everything and nothing. It is structure without a structure. It is ‘something’ that is ‘nothing’ and at the same time ‘nothing’ being ‘something’.

When ‘It’ is full ‘It’ is empty and open and uncluttered. When ‘It’ is empty ‘It’ is everything and everywhere. When ‘It’ is happening ‘It’ never stops happening nor did ‘It’ ever start happening. When there is nothing happening there is only ‘happening’.

Every Moment is full. Every Moment is empty. ‘This’ can seemingly be described and at the same time, never can be described. ‘This’ moment is never really ‘in’ time. Albeit time is contained ‘in’ this Moment.

Feeling open-ness and emptiness is feeling nothing-ness. There is nothing there to feel except spaceless open-ness finding Itself. At the same time, there is nothing to find in open-ness. Finding ‘open-ness’ finds absolute nothing-ness. ‘Feeling’ and ‘finding’ are also not ‘It’. Search activities cannot feel or find ‘It’ or Be ‘It’. ‘It’ is not here or there.

What Is ‘before’ any ‘thing’ Is everything. What Is ‘after’ any ‘thing’ Is everything. Everything Is nothing and then ‘It’ Is everything being nothing again. There is no ‘time’ to change. Timelessness makes the most sense which doesn’t make any sense.

What can be explained does not explain anything. What cannot be explained explains everything. If ‘It’ is about explanation then nothing can be explained clearly as nothing.

‘Not’ creating time is the greatest joy of Being effortless-ness. ‘Not’ creating time is not being bound by dimensionality. When it is all Now, where is the time? Creating time is the unnecessary adding to the clutter that obscures spaceless space. Timelessness is not retreating into the story of ‘me’, which is a character in time. True identity is free of any binding, to especially include the fraility of time and the specious-ness of a character.

What ‘Is’ just ‘Is’. There is no binding by a no one because there is no ‘other’. Every moment is full unless we deem otherwise. The effort comes in the cage called ‘effort’. Effort-ing in ‘Being’ does not make any sense. When we leave the self-imposed cage of effort there is only one activity left i.e. effortlessness. Being ‘That’ is implicit.

Life is unconditional unless we impose conditions. ‘Life’ does not need a doer or a hav-er. ‘It’ just Is. Acting on our highest joy is joy acting through Us. Our highest joy is effortlessness and Love loving Itself. ‘Love’ finds no ‘other’, as all Is Love.

There are no conditions to Life as that would be a limitation on the unlimited. To throw the effortlessness of Life aside for an effort of an over-riding ‘me’, is trade for a limitation and dis-empowerment of our highest joy and effortlessness.

Life is effortlessly open, unconditional, and our true nature without any pre-conditions to include time and effort. Be ‘That’ Now, a forevering of the Fullness Itself.

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