Spacious Presence has no content to process. Unnecessary processing is the problem in engaging in the pursuit of so called ‘happiness’. ‘Labeling’ instead of ‘noticing’, is often the unnecessary activity that besmirches the innocence of neutrality. Content has no meaning (a la noticing) until we give it meaning (labeling). Giving ‘it’ meaning, through endless commentary is akin to having a ‘Twittter’ on the inside. Happiness needs no content whatsoever to Be.

Everything is neutral until we say it isn’t. The streaming of content appears to be necessary due to misguided ideas of silence and stillness not being enough. The ‘Now’, always still and always silent, is everything with no lack of anything. Happiness Is ‘this’ -unchained by any content and un-possessed by any one.

‘This’ absolute fullness of Totality, is commonly and seemingly upended by the temporary character in the ‘seeming movie’ called ‘life’. In order for the illusory character to survive in its imaginary state of being, it struggles to exist and find happiness as the character. There is no real hope of being ‘there’, as a separate self, pursuing self, as this imaginary character, looking for a fleeting happiness. This activity is a ‘dead end’ from start to finish. ‘Looking for happiness‘ is clearly ‘missing happiness‘.

The question is what is real and what is fake news. Happiness cannot be found as there is no ‘finder’ to find it. The ‘finder’ is not real. Having an additional separate self to ‘All That Is’, is adding to a Fullness that cannot be added to. The Fullness Is happiness exclusively, without any ‘help’ and/or ‘hope’ of an imaginary character. Pursuit of happiness through a false self only adds obscuration to what is absolute clarity and completeness of ‘Being’.

There is no reason to look for happiness. If we need a reason to search for happiness, then we are on the wrong track at the outset. At any time that we need a reason to be happy, we will always fail to find the streaming of happiness that never stops streaming.

It is an ‘alert’ when we have ‘to look’ for happiness. That tells us immediately that we are on the wrong path. There is no path to happiness. Happiness just Is happening constantly.

When we ‘hope’ for happiness we have made a conclusion that ‘this’ is not ‘it’. While in truth, ‘this’ Is ‘it’ but not from any view i.e. that is, any character in a so-called movie. When we ‘see’ from any viewpoint, we constrict and limit Self. Higher Self has no limitations or viewpoints.

When we ‘See’ from ‘Seeing’ we ‘See’ and notice from a ‘no labeling’ and/or locking into any view or viewpoint. Having ‘an experience’ is a viewpoint with a ‘viewer’. ‘Experiencing’ ad infinitum is timeless viewing as spacious Presence with no holding of any content by anyone at any time.

‘Having’ an experience of happiness engenders a self that cannot get out of self. There is no ‘having’ in happiness. There is just experiencing happiness Being happiness with no start or finish. Anything less is a lesser vehicle -not happiness.

To ‘have’ a reason for happiness to flourish is to undermine the freedom of just Being happiness. Just Being happiness does not dumb-down to any content and/or deserved-ness to Be. Happiness Is Being and Is the pure nature of Existence Itself. ‘All That Is’ does not waiver Its perennial absolutes for temporary frolics.

Happiness cannot be looked for in life. Happiness Is everpresent. And there is no reason whatsoever that happiness can be reduced to anything less than absolute Fullness abiding right Now. To start at anything less is to miss Everything That Is. This Is the starting point and ending point and no point. It Is always Here, never changing and never leaving It’s Fullness. It Is You. There is no reason for It. Be Happy always. It Is Your effortless nature.

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