There is no beginning to Awareness. There is no end to something that is thing-less. There is no start to something that has no finish. What is real is existing as nothing Being limitless-ness.

What Is before thought or form or especially the hardness of beliefs, just ‘Is’. ‘It’ just ‘Is’ elegantly whole while Being limitlessly open as the true Us. Beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with ‘It’. Beliefs are thought-based.

Demanding to know something about nothing is to not understand the openness of conscious aware space that has no cause. Contrarily, we as characters, have cause and effect. What has no cause is free of effect. That is, ‘It’ does not engage in effect as far as ‘It’ is concerned. ‘Effect’ is for all appearances and certainly not for what has no appearances. There is nothing to know Here except ‘Nothingness’. Concepts have the integrity of broken glass. Concepts cannot take you to Being Awareness.

All That Is is All That Is. Nothing changes Here. The eternal vastness of Awareness cannot be captured in a time/space continuum. The completeness is always the completeness of a pure resonance of unchanging Beingness. It is an ardent stability and a platform for a direct engaging in the unchanging Self. ‘That’ Is Present for us as ‘Us’. All That Is is All That Is ‘Us’.

That stability cannot even be defined in qualitative terms. The perennial perfection just ‘Is’ effortlessly always Present.

There is just ‘This’. Wholeness cannot be found in what is fragmented. Awareness Is the underlying Presence to absolutely all objects and characters. This emptiness has no content/form. ‘Having’ thoughts is ownership that ends up creating a’me’ character. Temporary characters have no primary existence, i.e. they are NOT before thoughts. What is fragmented (after thoughts) is a temporary creation. Awareness Is the perennial underlying Presence to all creation. ‘It’ just ‘Is’.

We do not need time (or a future) to become more complete. ‘What Is’, is complete now as consciously Present Awareness. To make a demand for the future is to willfully go into time for a resolution that is timeless. Now or never hails to the timelessness of Being Awareness Itself. Going into the construct of time for Beingness is futile.

There is only ‘This’, the perceiving of perceiving. Does ‘This’ perceiving ever end? ‘It’ cannot ‘end’ because there Is no ‘end’ as there Is ‘no beginning’. It just Is timelessly Now. There is no more or less to It. There is nothing to add to It or subtract from It, to include time. Again, there is no ‘end’ because there never was a beginning because there never was a construct of time to ‘do’ an appearance/disappearance of this or that.

Awareness just Is. Add nothing. Just Be. Amen to all ‘that’.

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