There is only one energy constantly being. There is no other ‘Energy’. Everything is made from this foundational energy. There is no ‘other’ as ‘this’ Is all that Is.

The forms this ‘Energy’ takes are ephemeral. The Energy, however, is not ephemeral but eternal. The forms and appearances are the costumes that this formless energy takes in the arena of the vastness, called the universe both seen and unseen.

This ‘Energy’ has no name let alone any permanent form, yet ‘It’ has all names and forms because there can be no other than ‘This’. To put a name and form on ‘This’ would be to attempt to stop It’s magnificence. Calling ‘It’ ‘energy’, in this case, is an attempt to release formlessness from any partisan box. Here, ‘Energy’ is a neutral term. Other terms like ‘yours’ and ‘mine’, are more clearly a haven for polarization. Here, ‘Energy’ belongs to no one because It Is everyone.

‘Energy’, as a term, can spotlight formlessness without a knee-jerk tendency for subsequent polarization to creep into ‘mine’ and ‘thine’. This frees up any territorial turf into a more substantive knowing of the ‘Knowing’ of formlessness. Calling ‘It’ energy, uses an unbiased form for Being this formlessness.

‘Energy’ is considered to not have any other form except the formlessness of energy. Energy never really stops to become anything. ‘It’ does not relate to Russian versus American energy versus Ukrainian energy. ‘It’ is just free-flowing energy. Further labeling is unnecessary.

When we receive energy from our respective electric company, we do not really care if it came from Canada or Mexico or Texas. And we do not generally care if the government is Christian, Muslin, or Hindu, that distributed this energy (for the most part).

If there are sanctions against governments, it is really the governments, not really the energy, that is at fault. At our electric meter, we cannot really tell where the energy was produced and generally, we don’t really care.

Energy is just energy, which is a clear neutrality. We can make it Russian energy, Persian energy, or European energy. But that would be us adding something to ‘energy’. Energy itself has no preference.

Formlessness, being synonymous with ‘energy’, provokes a freedom from additional attachments that tend to separate us into factions. ‘Energy’ does not have a tendency of loading into nouns that beget separation. Despite being a ‘noun’, energy has a more verb-like freedom that promotes neutrality. Formlessness too, like ‘energy’ cannot be successfully be put into a permanent separate box.

There Is only one Energy. It does not stop to become a permanent person having an experience. ‘The Energy’ remains as energy not getting stuck in form. Transmuting into form, in any permanent way, would be compromising the essential state of ‘Energy’. ‘Energy’ never stops Being Being, despite appearances.

Albeit, there is no other choice than Being. Beingness, aka ‘Energy’, flows through ‘Us’ not to ‘us’. There is no holding in the flowing. It is pure foundational Love with a foundation that flows constantly.

The ‘Energy’ is loving loving flowing untethered. There is a neutrality to the energy of Loving that is tirelessly loving all. Loving all that Is, Is all that Is. This Is the power that energizes Life Loving Itself. Ultimately there Is no other Energy than Love loving Itself. Be free. Be Loving. Be the neutrality of unbiased pure Energy just Being.


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