‘Having’ an experience is not the point. ‘Having’ is essentially synonymous with ‘holding’ and ‘keeping’ an experience, let alone defining self through the experience. All ‘that’ is the route to trading and/or displacing ‘experiencing’ for a staid experience.

Experiencing, on the other hand, is a non-stopping of the perennial movement of being Being. Being does not deny any experience while contemporaneously leaving the appearance of the moment of experience as just ‘that’. ‘That’ appearance is only a temporary appearance taken out and abstracted from ‘experiencing’. ‘Experiencing’ is being Being without the seeming necessity of stopping for an experience at the cost of ‘experiencing’.

‘Experiencing’ is not ‘in’ time. It just Is. Timeless Beingness is what begets ‘time’. ‘Time’ is an add-on or in other words, essentially subsequent to the undiminished and complete fullness called ‘timeless-ness’. Using these concepts in defining ‘non-conceptual-ness’ is inelegant. Timeless-ness blends in seamlessly with another verb i.e. ‘experiencing’. ‘Nouns’ evoke a more staid -ness, e.g. experience. Nouns are concepts ‘in’ time.

Beingness has no ‘having’ because that would create an artificial presence of a false noun (experience) thereby displacing the more true verb-ing of ‘experiencing’.

The whole upshot of all this enumerating is that ‘creating’, ‘holding’ and ‘keeping’ nouns creates a separate self that then becomes the keeper of the stuff of nouns and creating nouns (noun-ing). This separate self is also another creation (or analogue) that is also derivative of taking verbs and making them into artifical nouns. This activity is an emasculation of the perennial movement of Beingness.

Just as in ‘experiencing’ and ‘Being’, being verbs verb-ing, ‘experience’ and ‘experiencer’ are nouns noun-ing. The resulting problems that result from a movement to a holding, is the creation of a separate self that is tasked with that ‘holding’.

Implicit in the above degeneration of activity of noun-ing verbs, is a created allegiance to a seeming holding of a manufactured identity i.e. a false self; separated and ultimately derived from Beingness.

So what is all the above amount to, as far as we are concerned? We ‘own’ all that. See the activity of ‘noun-ing’ as an activity. Yes, all that activity results in a ‘noun’. But it is the activity of making a ‘noun’ that must be seen to ‘See’ more clearly.

The process of creating and/or maintaining a false and separate self is the starting point of substantive change -in the wrong direction. To proceed as a separate self seeking change is to proceed in a closed loop. Continuing to ‘make’ nouns out of verbs verbing is the ticket to ‘stuck-ness’. Beingness has no ‘having’. There is no one Here ‘to have’ anything.

Being Peace brings Peace. Being Love has no need to ‘have’ Love. Happiness Is not someone being happy. That ‘someone’ is a noun trying to try to ‘Be’ when ‘Being’ Is always Present and complete Now.

There Is no ‘other’ unless we choose to create ‘that’ noun. And ‘that’ noun is ephemeral. What is not ephemeral Is the ‘Isness’ which Is all that Is. And ‘That’ Is effortlessly Being Being. There is no need for ‘having’ any thing.

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