‘This’ Is enough. ‘It’ Is everything. The ‘truth’ of ‘It’ is not found in the understanding nor mis-understanding of ‘It’. ‘It’ is not recognized by a clamping on to some ‘thing’ or an idea about some ‘thing’. The ‘clamping’ to ‘things’ is the binding.

When we really ‘get’ It, it is the moving ‘experiencing’ that we ultimately and overtly allow.

To ‘get’ It wrongly, often becomes a seeming compulsory stop for the false self that then must be collected through an artificial stopping of ‘Being’ ?! ‘This’ is a common erroneous attempt that we make in order to have the continued employment of the false self. This grab is not in the mind’s paygrade to actually displace ‘Being’. The ‘mind’ does not have the skill-set to pursue what is before it. Experiencing experiencing cannot really be stopped -only seemingly so. Dumbing down to holding ‘experience’ is an artificial separation from ‘What Is’.

The idea of ‘a person’ having an ‘experience’, reinforces a ‘person’ having and owning some ‘thing’. This temporary ‘thing’ is not alive, existent, nor real. Plus the ‘person’, in this case, is an artificial construct, working from a script, that is no more alive than a character in a Walt Disney cartoon.

Belief in the artificial construct (fictional character) by adding ‘experiences’ to the character, underscores the power of belief and not the reality of the seeming character. Without the belief, the character is then found out to being just imaginary.

Convincing the character that ‘belief’ has conned the character, is essentially asking the character to immediately die. Additionally, we assume we have to ask the character to die. There is no real death as there is no character. Only from the character’s view does it matter. When it is fiction from start to finish, only the fiction is fictional. There is no character to ask anything. The only thing that dies is the belief in the belief.

The person (or the character) becomes available
(imaginary) when trying to have an ‘experience’. ‘Experiencing’ needs no character to have anything anytime. ‘Experiencing’ is sufficient to Itself. This ‘Itself’ is not a noun nor ever a noun. The ‘Itself’ Is what is verb-ing and appearing and seeming to be a noun but really is just verbing verbing. There is no container to contain Beingness in either case. Beingness is always verbing whether nouns are used or not used.

Experiencing Is always happening regardless of the availability of seeming nouns. The idea of a person ‘having’ an experience is an afterthought that is always subsequent to ‘experiencing’. ‘Experiencing’ Is always independent of any idea, especially the idea of a ‘person’.

Truth is just Being. The density of mind and personality does not make things more real. Density is a rawer frequency with the appearance of conditions, to include the inclusion of time. What is more real is before all manifestation. Experiences and characters go together to create the story-telling that typifies the drama call ‘our life’.

The story is not whom We Are. The story, the personality, and the conditional conditions are all pointing to the Truth of Being Being without form. ‘Without form’ is essentially ‘without creating/believing artificial nouns’ that lock us down into virtual prisons. Stopping the investment in the story-making is leaving the grounding of beliefs of fictional characters.

There Are no ‘others’ or ‘persons’ in ‘All That Is Is All That Is’. Start Here, End Here, Being Here, Always Here; effortlessly Now. It Is all movement moving. Be ‘That’ -just Experiencing.

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