Belief is an addition to what is already Present. To ‘add’ something that was not existing before nor will exist in the future, is adding a temporary condition.

Temporary conditions, overtly noted, have less power than existential non-changing assets i.e. Life Itself. To ‘see’ the addition of something that is existentially non-essential, is to realize what is really compelling relative to identity.

‘Our’ identity can be defined either by what is unchanging and/or what is subject to change. It is obvious when pursuing what is real, unreal, important, unimportant, that these distinctions matter in determining the satisfaction and totality of our life. Identity misdefined, will result in an unsatisfactory life, especially considering what reality/unreality of the structural world we posit and commit to.

‘Seeing’ is not ‘believing’.

Pushing an ill-defined structure, based on the flimsiness of temporal conditions, can only wrought temporal outcomes. Outcomes that cannot get elevated to ‘timelessness’ will be beset with ‘time’; aka a temporal reality. There is no endurance in structures that are made ‘not’ to last.

Identity within the limits of time is a failing identity. An identity that is inherently incomplete will always end with dissatisfaction. An incomplete identity can only ultimately fail. Contrarily, any amount of effort added to just ‘Being’ is only adding to futility. There Is no adding of ‘temporary additions’ in existential Beingness as an identity. The ‘Fullness’ is always full.

Just ‘Being’ is effortless. Any effort added to ‘Being’ will result in consequences of even more effort and less satisfaction. In the ‘trying’ for permanence there cannot be a ‘securing’ of permanence. The ‘trying’ is a pushing that is wholly incompatible with effortlessness. The permanence and stability of effortlessness is forever Present. To ‘push’ for Presence is to miss ‘Presence’. There is no ‘trying’ nor ‘doing’ of what is inherently effortless. ‘Try’ and the world is beyond the winning. The ‘permanence’ never has a ‘fleeting’ moment. ‘Is-ness’ Is forever.

‘What Is’ does not need any help to ‘Be’. Adding anything, to include effort, is to miss the obvious-ness of Nothingness. Adding thoughts and beliefs is energizing/cathecting a distance ‘from’ just Being. Beliefs seemingly glue us away from this Presence. Belief is an effort. Ignorance is a belief in a separate self needing to become. Contrarily, Beingness always Is Now.

Nothing needs to change. Accepting everything as it is, is more responsible as ‘Seeing’ is not perjured by seeming personal preferences. The greater good is always in the interest of the greater good. Believing in an ‘other good’ is a faux creation by a faux, separate and temporary entity. ‘What Is’ does not need any temporary help, ever.

Belief is not necessary as it attempts to trade in something for an Everything that Is always Present and available at all times. The less we add, the more we get. Openness Is clarity undefined. Presence has no story. Nothing needs to change when ‘All’ is pure openness. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now.

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