The ‘You’ is already free ‘Now’. It is the ‘person’ who is not free. The ‘person’ is a thought plus a lot of story-telling. ‘What Is’ there Now can never be freed, as ‘It’ has always been free.

To ‘look’ outside of your own resonance is a loss leader. We are ‘Here’. And ‘Here’ is an inside not an outside. There is no ‘out there’ as ‘It’ Is You and only You.

We create the projection ‘We’ See. However, ‘It’ all occurs on the inside. ‘Here’ Is ‘Us’. And there is only one ‘Us’. To ‘look’ outside of ‘Us’ is to pretend that the temporary appearances are the stability of Life. Appearances, thoughts, ideas, and/or beliefs, among other temporary forms, are not stable. ‘That’ instability is a customization of our ‘seeming’ particular programmatic need (as a ‘person’). It is not meant as a means to stabilize what does not need any stabilization whatsoever, i.e. Formlessness.

Freedom is a built-in freedom. There is no ‘getting it’. The programming points to where not to go. The ‘idea’ of a person is an ‘idea’ of a person. Ideas are constructs not Reality. ‘Persons’ are temporary fabrications that essentially can tell us where we are holding the ‘stops’ to our Being. Beingness has no ‘stops’. Freedom is stop-less. Believing in a ‘person’ is a stop.

Identity with a separate person ‘having’ a life is an incomplete picture, to be very generous. The density of a person is ‘still’ always being animated by Life. It Is this ‘Life’ that gives ‘Life’ to a seeming person. This ‘Life’ Is always present with or without acknowledgement of a ‘person’. The ‘form’ (or person) is a temporary vehicle for Life to express Life. Choosing ‘belief’ in a person as separate, is choosing delusion and severe limitation.

Beliefs, understandings, and other conceptualizations are unnecessary choices and concessions. These ‘additions’ most often complicate the essence (Truth) of ‘What Is’ before, during, and after ‘my so called life’. ‘Freeing’ appears to be necessary given all the complictions we add to ‘what we truly Are’. We are never not free. This freedom cannot be imprisoned by seemingly adding dross i.e. belief in a so-called real person.

A ‘person’ is density. Formlessness has no density. A ‘person’ must be believed in each and every moment to sustain person-hood. Formlessness has no need for any beliefs or conceptualizations. There Is ‘no choosing’ for an ‘existential resonance’. Formlessness is an inside job as there is nothing really outside of ‘All That Is’.

No one can free what does not need freedom. What does not need freedom is ‘freedom’ Itself. The resonance of freedom Itself Is timeless Now Being unattached to any ‘thing’. There are no stops Here. As Beingness just Is ‘Ising’, free of holding any density. The freedom of non-attachment to any thing acknowledges the spaciousness It Is.

‘It’ Is You, i.e. Freedom, that cannot be freed as ‘It’ already Is free.

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