What is alive does not need to be revived. Aliveness is already alive. To try to make something that is alive and well, “alive and well”, is seriously a waste of time.

Aliveness is already present and always present. Using an imaginary ‘doer’ to do something to make aliveness happen, is a clear misunderstanding of Presence. Presence is here now as an ineffable presence. The ‘ineffableness’ is not something that is missing. The direct experience of Being Being is the subtleness of something that is ‘nothing’ clothed by ‘everything’. ‘It’ just Is.

Behind the grossness of everything, is always the presence and direct experience of infinite intelligence, guiding and informing all physical structures. The internet is an analogue example of an essentially wireless signal that connects ‘wired’ structures to each other. We are wired to the wireless signal of ‘Aliveness’. Without the internet, the wires themselves have lost any connective quality that could yield existential information. There is only one internet Here and ‘that’ Is You.

Being the direct experience of Being is the ‘Isness’. We do not generally look at the wires to find the connection that is truly un-wired. This is not to dismiss the physicality of structures. The structures are there to provide changes through time. Changes are movements that clock around the ‘unchanging’. The ‘unchanging’ welcomes ‘change’ back into Itself. The ‘wires’ always point back to the ‘wireless’. The ‘wires’ are always second to the ‘wireless-ness’.

Renunciation of the world aka losing the ‘wires’, is unnecessary. The world is not the enemy. It is an expression of our ‘Oneness’. Wholesale dependence on thought though, is tantamount to depending on only wires for an internet connection. Direct experience gets nothing-ness (or wireless-ness). It is not about any ‘doing’ Here-just ‘Being’. Being free of just ‘wires’.

Achievement ‘Here’ cannot be for the ‘never found future’. What cannot be ‘achieved’ is what Is already Present Now. Direct experiencing Is Now, immediately Now. The ‘trying to Be’ is a direct movement away from Presence. Presence is alive right now; not later and not in 5 minutes from now.

What is before thought and thinking and trying, is Here Now. Losing all ‘doing’ is being open to just Being. There Is an ‘aliveness’ Here always. ‘This’ Is past mind and/or before mind. The effortlessness of Presence is the sub-structure analogous to Being ‘wireless’. Looking for the ‘wires’ is missing the essential non-thing.

Rewire the neurological net of the connection to ‘What Is’ by the non-doing of ‘Seeing’ i.e. ‘just Seeing’. Nothing needs to be added as ‘Nothing-ness’ is always complete before thought and/or subsequent thinking about it. And there is no doer to do any ‘doing/trying’. ‘What Is’ Is ‘What Is’.

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