There are no ‘conditions’ to be absolute. Any conditions would unmake Absolute-ness. Conditions would be a mere appearance/disappearance of a situational and/or temporary phenomena. Conditions effect the conditional. Change-less-ness is condition-less. That is, change cannot effect and/or promote any change in the Change-less-ness.

The permanence of Being Being is not only condition-less but also incorporates a full-ness that precludes any need for anything else, but the wholeness that is ‘That Is’. There is no need even for a ‘doing’ when all the ‘doing’ being done cannot ever effect the non-doing of Being absolute. ‘Doing’ is only there for appearances and/or functionality in the movie called ‘your life’. Full-ness is condition-less in the non-doing of Beingness, which is before/after ‘your life’.

‘Absoluteness’ absolutely is a complete finished and formless non-product. If there was something missing ‘there’ The Absolute would not Be The Absolute. Given the un-neediness of Absoluteness, the factor of stress and/or trying, is completely precluded.

Ultimately everyone desires ‘no desire’. To have a desire is essentially to be incomplete. ‘No desire’ is complete i.e. akin to a finished product. The Absolute is a finished non-product. Even desire for ‘Truth’ is too much for what Is Fullness/Completeness/Absoluteness.

We are ultimately absolute unconditional Love. There is no ‘looking’ for ‘this’ externally. ‘What Is’, is present in an absolute way i.e. un-conditionally. Conditions and desires are ultimately non-choices as far as the ‘Absolute’ is concerned. ‘What Is’ is Present, regardless of choice or preference. Effortlessness affords the most accessibility to unconditional love. Unconditional Love is not a ‘choosing’. It just Is effortlessly Isness without the need for choice.

There are no additions/subtractions, choices, and/or efforts in what Is Absoluteness.

We Are Present choicelessly. Our freedom is not dependent on anyone and/or any thing. Any assumptions about Truth are only assumptions about Truth until we live as Truth. Circumstances do not matter as circumstances are not The Un-manifest Fullness. ‘This’ Fullness Is Us. Assumptions ‘about’ Truth cannot clearly ‘See’ the choiceless Truth.

Letting go of overt and covert attempts for ‘trying’ and for ‘non-trying’, is the pickle we are dealt until we realize a more direct path i.e. not through less elegant ‘attempts’. Rather a direct recognition of ‘What Is’ always Present albeit ‘Absoluteness’, can be immediately found in the immediate-ness of Now. ‘Absoluteness’ cannot relent being Absolute.

Appearance of form and time are seen clearly from the Stillness/Emptiness/Formless/timeless simplicity ‘We’ always are -absolutely. Activities of thinking, doing, trying are not primary to effortless Being. What Is primary is effortless Absoluteness Being Absolute. There is no ‘other’ in the Oneness.

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