Adding ‘content’ is what we do to seemingly separate ourselves from the ‘Existence’ we perennially Are Now, in this and every other moment. ‘Content’ by itself, is not a problem. Content, that is, thoughts, ideas, feelings, things, objects, or any other impermanent objects that arise and fall, all have obvious finality. That is, in contrast to Being ‘Existence’ Itself, we often unconsciouly select the spurious and absolutely temporary existence that precludes this unchanging Self i.e. ‘Existence’. Substantive ‘Existence’, our true unchanging identity, does not have a start or finish. ‘It’ just Is, always available.

Content, the spurious and temporary stuff, is characteristically obvious and inappropriately ubiquitous in our seminal ideas about what is thought to be ‘our’ existence. The problem with this ‘content’ is that it clearly obfuscates our clarity, especially when we perseverate on it. Our clarity is therefore compromised to the exclusion of the more formless aspect of being Existence, as our permanent identity. The over-identification with ‘content’ results in a belief that we are the ‘content’.

Not so fast on the conclusion of whom we ‘Are’. Whom we ‘Are’ is not ever based on the quality or quantity of ideas, accomplishments, and/or positions we held and/or hold. All ‘that’ is content. Beliefs in all ‘that’ is content. Positions and opinions on all ‘that’ is temporal content. Whom we Are never changes. We Are before, during, and after all content. Content never changes whom we Are. Content never really touches Us (ultimately).

We do support the reality of content that occupies us. Believing the content to be ‘real’ is our support for it. Reality never really supports us because we create our reality. We ‘give’ reality to the content, changing ‘it’ from neutral to some form of limitation. Identity with content is supporting a faux reality.

Existence, on the other hand can never be changed. It Is our true and permanent nature where nothing can be added to it or subtracted from it. Focusing on ‘content’ obscures the ‘content-less-ness’ of Being-ness.

Time is a derivative of the timeless-ness of ‘Existence’. Content is in the impermanence of time. When we dream, we dream in the impermanence of time. When we wake, the time in the dream is meaningless regardless if that dream-time was century or a couple of seconds. ‘Existence’ is always Now permanently.

Exist in ‘Existence’Itself. There is no ‘other’, to especially include spurious content that appears and rapidly disappears. ‘See’ content as a dream-like appearance that cannot quench our thirst. Our thirst is always for what is eternally present right now and always available. Stay ‘Here’ always -Present as Existence Itself.

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