The measure of change is not to be judged by what is on the ‘outside’. That would suggest that results come first and our ‘creating’ comes second. The ‘outside’ is a reflection of Us. We receive the feedback through the generation of the ‘outside’. We create the reality that serves ‘Us’.

If we do not ‘like’ the reality we have created, then we do not ask the outcome of our efforts to change. We change what is creating the ‘outside’, which is ‘Us’. The ‘reflection’ of Us will change once we have fully accepted our complicity. This may take a short cycle to check the shift into ‘Our’ mirroring reality.

I am the ‘Experiencing’ experiencing an experience. There is no ‘other’. We create a need from need-less-ness. We are ‘Need-less-ness’.

Saying “I try”, is stating a negative belief. The negative belief is that ‘We’ are powerless and subject to the whim of fate. This ‘belief’ is based on the outside reality coming first and ‘We’ second. This distorted belief will reinforce itself using our innate powers of creation. We create ‘Our’ reality regardless of its functionality/dysfunctionality. ‘We’ as ‘All That Is’, are always the alpha/omega even when seemingly distorting the natural order.

‘Outside reality’, a created temporary reality, cannot effect ‘You’ the Eternal Absolute. ‘That’ would be the dream effect-ing the dreamer instead of the created character in the dream. This is all to say that physical reality is a reflection of what frequency is vibrating inside relative to what is created ‘outside’.

Emotions are not the driver. Emotions do not exist in a vacuum. Beliefs beget specific emotions. Our beliefs create our reality, real/unreal. ‘Nothingness’ does not cling to a belief. ‘What Is’ is not something to believe ‘in’. ‘What Is’ does not require effort to ‘believe in’. ‘It’ just Is. ‘It’ is before emotions and beliefs. ‘It’ simply ‘Is’.

‘Nothingness’ is nothing to escape ‘from’ unless we believe it is. The power to believe and/or distort is Our power. ‘We’ Are the Reality giving reality reality. Believing ‘reality’ supports ‘me’ is ass-backwards.

‘Our’ reflection Is Us. Be ‘That’ effortlessly Now. There is no escape because there is nothing to escape from.

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