Life happens without any stops at any time. If life were to stop then ‘life’ would not be ‘life’. The nature of life is constant life-ing.

As ‘life’ has not stopped at any time, we too have no stops at any time, ideally. The difference between ‘life’ and ‘us’ actually is mostly perspective. The ‘stopping’ is both a problem for us and the subsequent quality of our life.

The seeming ‘stopping’ of us and/or life, is more imagination than hard reality. The hard reality of the expansion of this universe is not generally imagined. We ‘can’ imagine what it would look like but that would be pure imagination relative to our known experience.

Similarly, we can imagine a ‘stop’ when we over-exalt ‘experience’ relative to ‘experiencing’. ‘Having’ an ‘experience’ is a ‘stop’ where a ‘someone’ is created ‘to have’ the experience (apart from ‘experiencing’). Conversely, in ‘experiencing’ there is no ‘one’ ‘to have’ anything, especially a downgraded/isolated ‘experience’. This created ‘person’ having an ‘experience’ would be the example of a full ‘stop’. A ‘stop’ is a far cry from perennial ‘experiencing’. Moreover, a ‘stop’ (or experience), is time-based. ‘Experiencing’ is indigenous to timelessness.

Timelessness is eternity without ‘time’ to stop ‘It’. ‘It’ Is ceaseless. Timelessness does not entertain ‘time’ except in the dream and/or the false reality of the ‘waking state’ which are devices to explore movement through ‘Our’ seeming creation of time.

The ‘veiling of Self’ and the use of ‘time’ are within Self and timelessness. When we exact a time-based existence there will always be limitation. When we intuit that all time-based systems are within Self, we reduce limitation and enhance our ability to explore finer frequencies.

Not stopping’ and ‘not getting stuck’ for an ‘experience’, can reduce the drag on being caught in the thicker frequency of limitation. Realizing that what is always happening is happening ‘through us’ and not ‘to us’. Therein we never really are leaving ‘experiencing’ and ‘timelessness’ nor do we create an unnecessary ‘person idea’.

‘Through us’ has no stops for a ‘me to have’ an ‘experience’.

We are ‘experiencing’ ‘experiencing’ non-stop a la timelessness unless we aren’t. Our choice is there when we realize that there is a choice. There is no effort in this choosing because it is already how ‘It Is’.

Reality does not support ‘Us’ in this venture of creating a ‘stop’ (experience) and/or ‘person’. That would be separation. ‘We’ are the reality that is happening all the time. There is no ‘other’ to support ‘Us’. ‘Experience’ will not be alive tomorrow. Experiencing is always alive right Now.

The ‘power’ is not an imagined power. The power of creating reality is always present unless we deem otherwise. We project and create our reality. The reflection in the mirror is Our reflection.

Experience is short-lived in time with no tomorrows. Experiencing Is forever timeless. An existence that ‘is existing’ will always be Present. ‘It’ happens ‘through me’ not ‘to me’.

Be ‘The Happening’ always happening.

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